Testimonials – C&G 2391 Periodic Inspection & Testing and Initial Verification and Certification and EAL 2625 Periodic Inspection & Testing and Initial Verification and Certification

(Courses previously attended are in brackets)

Tyron Rodrigues, London – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

Satisfied – returning for the 4th time.

Carlos Arias, London – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

Clean & tidy location. Course teacher (Richard) very professional and knowledgeable.

Ikram Zafar, London – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

This is my 4th visit to builder training centre. I must say I have learnt a lot from Mike & Richard. I will be looking forward to recommend others & also if I am interested in doing any further course.

Sunil Wadher, London – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

Centre very apt, plenty of space, very easy to get around. Course is brilliant. For me very informative and a great learning curve

Myles Brown, Merton – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

Good facilities, clean and tidy centre. Course very informative and well structured.

Arvinder Singh Dahele, Romford – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

Richard conducts himself professionally, the centre and all staff are well grounded, anyone coming here will surely not get their wires crossed. One word, EXCEPTIONAL.

Mohammad Musa, Middlesex – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“As a returning student, I had high expectations & I was not disappointed.

David Heath, Worthing – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Very satisfied with what I have learned. Probably one of the best Training Centres around and the instructor was excellent”

Onur Isik, London – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Just in 5 days I’ve learnt a huge amount of knowledge. It was really useful for my career ahead”

Lewis Smith, Kent – attended the C&G 2391-51 Course

“Richard is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Course was made enjoyable and informative by Richard. Centre and course highly recommended by myself.”

Matthew Sargeant, Surrey – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Good 2nd course attended. Richard is a good fun teacher”

Peter Nicoll, Middlesex – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“The Centre has everything you need for required course. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend this centre to anyone”

Terence Marks, Surrey – attended the C&G 2391-51 Course

“As always very professional and thorough”

Liam James, Cambridgeshire – attended the C&G 2391-51 Course

“Really friendly. Felt able to ask any question and it was explained in detail”

Adam Templeton, Surrey – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Very good. Could not have asked for more!”

Sean Harper, Warwickshire – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Good impressions, staff were friendly and happy to help.”

Chris Chapman, Cleaveland – attended the EAL 2625 Course

“Good centre overall. Good facilities and course. Very well taught. I found this place by luck and found a goldmine.”

Luke Brzeski, Avon – attended the EAL 2625 Course

“I have been at the centre back in 2011 for 17th Edition, hence my visit back after 7 years.  As predicted, exceptional training layout. Richard very knowledgeable course tutor.”

David Woodham, London – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Very happy with the overall course, clean and tidy. Richard was superb and couldn’t be more happy to help”

Neville Tatham-James, Kent – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Excellent, I would recommend”

Anish Patel, Surrey – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Very professional and polite staff. Very relaxed atmosphere. The teaching really suited me and I felt I have gained a lot of knowledge in the space of a week”

Marcin Paclawski, Mid-Glamorgan – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Very good as usual”

Christo Dreyer, Suffolk – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Brilliant! This is how it should be done!”

Stefan Mallows, Warwickshire – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Much better than other dealings with companies offering similar services”

John Coppock, Surrey – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Very good, a lot better explained than when I previously done the course at college”

Sergiu Lopatenco, Kent – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Fair price, course provided during weekends. Very good instructor”

Doru Florin Gageanu, Hertfordshire – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Good centre, well prepared, personnel, can be recommended to others”

Paul O’Connor, Kent – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Very impressed with the format of course and knowledge of instructor”

Ionut Palade, London – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Very happy with the wide availability of the weekend course and wide option for preparation with introduction for them. Very good prepared tutors.”

Erikas Solomachinas, London – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Course great, love the centre, would like to come back again”

Onur Arslan, London – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“I am so impressed about the hospitality and attention. Thanks all of you”

Lee Picton, Surrey – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Great teacher. Knowledge second to none”

Abdus Samad, Essex – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Very professional centre with friendly and helpful staff. Richard is very knowledgeable and has the ability to explain complex things in a simple manner. Recommend to friends and colleagues. Great information on course provided by Sally over the telephone.”

Colin Dale, Surrey – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Like previous courses that I have attended, the course structure and teaching has been excellent.”

Neil Tunnicliffe, Dorsett – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“Very professional. Covered the course fully. Very pleased. Would use the centre again.”

Mentor Dragusha, London – attended the combined 2394 & 2395 Course

“I was really impressed and very, very happy with everything in the centre. Thank you.”

Paul Joyce, Middlesex – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“The teaching and level of information was second to none and was extremely helpful for such a difficult course. All this was delivered in a relaxed atmosphere and a lot of jokes.”

Steven Gwatkin, Surrey – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course (1 day pre Assessment course)

“Very helpful, approachable and passionate about the subject. Great Tuition. Would definitely recommend. Really enjoyed the course. Lets hope I pass the exams!”

Gary Peirce, Surrey – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“Very good. The tutor knew his stuff.”

Colin Whines, London – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course (17th Edition course)

“Very good. I have studied here before and I will be returning. Good Instructor. He knows what he is talking about. I like this school and the staff”

Mahmood Ul-Hassan, Surrey – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course (4 day electrical foundation course, Domestic Installers course (including C&G 2393 Qualification), City & Guilds 2377-22 & 2377-32 PAT Testing course, City & Guilds 17th Edition course, C&G 2392 Inspection & Testing course)


Bogumil Ospelt, Surrey – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course (Electrical Foundation, Part P, 17th Edition course)

“As usual – Excellent”

Nevil Long, Surrey – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course ( 17th Edition course)

“Great. Very knowledgeable on the subject. Made it easy to understand”

Ken Lau, Middlesex – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Very good. Covered all topics well”

George Monschau, Surrey– attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Learned a lot more than what I came here knowing. Richard was very good and very patient”

Bogumil Ospelt, Surrey– attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“I am really impressed every time I attend any course in the centre. Tutors attitude is of great respect”

Andrew Lauder, Lancashire– attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Very good delivery. Detailed discussion on the topics. Very relevant and up to date”

Nathan Williams, Cheshire– attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Graet Course, good fun, easy to digest the information”

Dinesh Thakkar, Middlesex– attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course


Lee Bayley, Kent– attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“Great help and advice. Will definately recommend”

Colin Cox, Essex – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Excellent, a well delivered course”

Casey James, Somerset– attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“At no point was I given the exam answers, What’s going on?! Great, as always. Relaxed and informative.”

Clement Omoma, Surrey– attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“It was good. Good Instructor and good preparation.”

Kev Bloomfield, Shropshire- attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“Well though out. At first I did not see the value of just doing test, however the excellent learning point came out on the bebrief of each test”

Kirk Wright, London – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“Centre was clean and staff very friendly”

Paul Morrell, London – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“Very well taught, informative and helpful. Good location and facilities”

Serkan Soylemez, London – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“The staff at The BTC are very helpful. Teachers are always ready to help with the difficulties regarding the course and patient enough to teach.”

Joseph Balwin, London – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“Good location of centre next to station. Course has been very helpful with knowledge of testing & inspection”

Lee Sholeh, Surrey- attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Always happy to study here”

Allan Broomes, London – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Very good. I was made to feel relaxed and at ease.”

Harry Bettinson, Surrey – attended the  C&G 2395 Course

“Very good, teaching very easy to understand in a relaxed environment.”

Paul Chaunhan, Berkshire – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“Very good, helpful, approachable.”

Oliver Favell, Lincolnshire – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“High standard of teaching, very professional in there manner of conduct, very impressed with high standard of tutoring. Would gladly return in the future”

Angel Arolski, London – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Very pleased with the whole course. The tutor is very knowledgeable and patient to answer all our “quick” questions”

Amnesh Singh-Sohal, Middlesex – attended the combined EAL 4337 & 4338 Course

“Excellent place to study. Teaching by Richard is marvellous. He makes sure we do understand everything in a very easy way and best examples. All the staff are very helpful and really professional”

Joshua Horton, Norfolk – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Professional, helpful, experienced. If anyone can help me pass, they can!”

Mihaly Farkas, Herefordshire – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“Friendly, helpful, good value and organised operation”

Matthew Godwin, Essex – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“The centre is fantastic with professional staff. The course tutor is exceptionally wonderful who has the quality of making difficult things simplified. He has the patience of an angel. Very good tutor”

Tudor Tepelus, London – attended the combined C&G 2394 & 2395 Course

“My impression regarding the centre and course are positive. All well explained.”

Peter Burley, Surrey – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Well run and course tutor very knowledgeable”

Darren Goddard, Middlesex – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Course very well presented, excellent tutor and facilities”

James Berry, Surrey – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Very helpful and enjoyed the course”

Adam Keehn, Surrey – attended the C&G 2391-52 Course

“Brilliant teacher, very knowledgeable”