Testimonials from students attending 2391/2394/2395/4337/4338 Pre Assessment course

(additional courses attended at the BTC are in brackets)
Batdal Balci (Merton)
It has been a very informative and progressive day with Mike and the facility is spacious and calm. I would not hesitate to recommend BTC to anyone interested to add a skill to their life.

Mr Norman Grundy, (Huntingdon) (17th Edition course, Part P course, 2392 Inspection & Testing Course, PAT Testing Course, 2391 Inspection & testing Course)

I had a lovely time! All questions answered and topics covered. Ready to take practical assessment now!

Mr Kamille Mohamed, (Surrey) (17th Edition course,  2391 Inspection & Testing Course)

Very Helpful!

Mr Ian Mills, (Surrey) (2392 Inspection & Testing course,  2391 Inspection & testing Course)

Useful course. Clear understanding of requirements for assessment.

Mr Nigel Thomas, (London) ( 2391 Inspection & Testing Course)

Good practical instruction

Mr Grant Christie, (Surrey) (2391 Inspection & Testing Course)

Good information. Easy to understand

Mr Darren Brewer, (London) (2391 Inspection & Testing Course)

Very Good. Would recommend to others

Mr Geoff Healing, (Surrey) (electrical foundation course, Part P course, 17th Edition course, 2392 Inspection & Testing course, 2391 Inspection & testing Course)

Very good indeed – most instructive and useful for the future. Always a pleasure to come to the BTC.

Mr David Lodge, (Surrey) (2391 Inspection & Testing Course)

Brilliant, Absolutely Brilliant!

Mr Jamie Cresswell, (Kent) (2394 and 2395 Inspection & Testing Course)

No problem with the centre what so ever. Thought it was very good.

Mr Steven Green, (Kent) (2394 and 2395 Inspection & Testing Course)

Very Good. Will be back.

Mr Ryan Randall, (London) (2394 and 2395 Inspection & Testing Course)

I highly recommend this course to anyone doing the 2394/2395 course. Very helpful!!

Mr Thomas Rigg, (Surrey) (2394 and 2395 Inspection & Testing Course)

Very Good Condition. Test rigs in excellent condition.

Mr Claudiu Butcure, (London) (2394 and 2395 Inspection & Testing Course)

I attended the practical pre assessment course with Mike, which helped me a lot. I consider myself to be experienced, but Mike exposed the many unknown things and he made sure that I understood 100%. I would recommend to anyone to take this course before the practical assessment. I am happy that I attended. A+ for Mike the Tutor.