Testimonials from students attending Foundation Electrical Course

Carl Broadley (London)

First time on a trade course and I found it excellent. Well equipped. Good course.

Liam O’Reilly (Cheshire)

I’m pleased with the content & centre. It has given me more confidence in my abilities to perform minor electrical works.

Herby Brown (London)

Excellent instruction. Very patient with students. Made electrical simple to understand with examples and illustrations.

Mark Jones (Bristol)

Excellent two days. Thank you Mike. Good balance of theory/practice, practical examples and real-life scenarios.

Teddy Cameron-Burke, (London)

As someone with limited practical experience in electrical DIY, this course has been a knowledgeable experience. Mike was a fantastic teacher and helpful throughout.

Stephen Warren, (Colchester)

Excellent. Very busy 2 days – incredible amount covered. Brilliant.

Nevil Lee, (Edinburgh)

Really terrific, good content, great teacher, good mix of practical and theoretical. I feel confident that I can do basic work but at the same time know where I need to refer to fully qualified electrician.

David McDermott, (West Midlands)

Top bloke, great teacher, he knows what he is talking about. Learned a lot in the week and everything was mentioned in detail and explained well. I really would recommend this course and 1000% recommend Mike.

Judy Edmonds, (Bedfordshire)

Highest quality of teaching. Mike is a sensational professional with excellent communication. He also loves his profession and that is catching!

Elizabeth Turner, (London)

The centre is efficient, professional and very friendly! I felt really welcomed as a woman in a class of men and I had a blast. I will definitely come back!

Marco Zapata, (Hertfordshire)

The place was very easy to find, was well organised and well equipped. The instructor… oh Mike! What a gem of a person! The guy knows his stuff.

Joshua Watson-David, (West Midlands)

I have nothing but gratitude to Mike for what he has taught me and how has taught me, he has a lot of practice and consistent in demonstrating different methods as well as what to do and what not to do. I would highly recommend this course to ANYONE who is interested in electrics and are WILLING TO LEARN.

Tamara Crawford, (London)

Mike was very clear, thorough with expectations, examples, and helping us to understand the ‘why’ behind the theory. Really enjoyed learning with him and hope he will be tutoring the next levels.

Adrian Mitchell, (London)

After having two previous classes in different centres around London, this is the only centre I can honestly recommend any to take. The standard of instruction is paramount.

Lydia Skuse, (London)

Amazing! Want to do all the courses, become an electrician and build a house. Thoroughly inspired.
Was looking to learn something on my ‘use it or lose it’ annual leave and I’m very glad I close to do this!
Thank you!

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! I was nervous but that was silly!

Tyrone Dudney, (Croydon)

From speaking to someone on the phone to being taught by Richard the instructor has been fantastic. Great course, learnt a lot!

Andrew Papaspyrou, (Croydon)

This was my first course in many years. I was originally apprehensive but Mike was brilliant at putting his point across and guiding me throughout the course. I will be back to attend the subsequent courses.

Haydon Thomas, (London)

Really well organised and paced, lots covered, practical and theory, very helpful and personable.

Sharon Thompson, (London)

Great fun – instructor (Mike) very credible, enthusiastic and great sense of humour. Lots of stuff to do at the centre so plenty to learn – professional and friendly staff.

Edward Main, (London)

Whole package well put together. Love the fault finding exercise on the last day.

Jason West, (London)

2nd course attended, two more to go. Mike is an outstanding instructor! His warm, laidback, deeply knowledgeable approach made a tough subject far more manageable than I anticipated. He is respected by the whole class that he quickly makes a cohesive team that made the course even more enjoyable! Thank you Mike.

Khrystyna Berezhanska, (Surrey)

Coming to the course not knowing anything about electrical installing I have found this course very useful and structural and have learnt a lot.

Alexander Green, (London)

I thought the course was excellent. Mike was a great instructor. I didn’t have any prior experience and I found it accessible and nowhere near as intimidating as I feared beforehand. I really enjoyed the practical elements and I will be back!

Chris Gilbert, (Kent)

Excellent course. It’s amazing how much you can learn in four days! Many thanks to Mike for all his hard work and efforts.

David Baptiste, (Surrey)

Excellent facilities & training. Had everything in place, hand sanitisers, masks etc with the current COVID crisis.

Edwin Tsui, (Surrey)

Tutors are friendly, approachable, patient and more than willing to sit down with you to go through and queries. The passion to teach is very apparent. Very happy that I signed up and found you guys here.

Ian Marshall, (Merseyside)

Very good instructor, learnt a lot. I’ll tell my company to put the training centre on our training matrix for other ERT’s.

Michael Kossew, (London)

Lovely feel, family run – really practical and laid back. Everyone is patient, funny and it feels really genuine and honest.

Kyle Carlisle (London)

The course has been great and has made me very excited to attend other courses and the prospects of a career as an electrician.

Michael Aldridge, (Kent)

I found the 4 day course to be very interesting and informative. The BTC was very easy to find.

Sue Reeve, (London)

Really well natured and comfortable / easy to take part. Nice welcome at the start. Easy to ask questions and get help. Well organised. Informal environment. Mike was great – very patient!

Gus Cirmi, (London)

Great course! This is my 3rd course in this centre and as always I have truly enjoyed it. Thank you.

Michael Franklin, (Gloucestershire)

The centre was fantastic. The facilities were more than suitable and served as an excellent training aid. Mike was exceptional. He has a unique method of teaching and makes an exceedingly complex topic easy to follow.

Justin Dammery, (London)

Very accommodating and professional atmosphere. Well equipped. Very knowledgeable staff – Mike in particular. Keen to return.

Michael Mortali, (Hertfordshire)

Great training centre, set up professionally. Mike was great, really explained everything in detail and made it easy to follow and understand. I really don’t like courses but I loved this one. I would definitely recommend it. Thank you

Zeedi Sekitoleko, (Surrey)

Excellent tutor both in theory and practicals. Good foundation for beginner like me to start working towards my career.

Victor Bailey, (London)

Staff and course very enjoyable and looking forward to coming back for the rest of the courses. This course was basic but was a real refresher for me as I did an electrical course in the early 80’s.

Geoff Duffelen, (Surrey)

Excellent giving more content than expected so feel ready for the next course I want to do – Domestic Installers. Well delivered and easily understood. Also no problem to ask questions.

Gary Swayne, (West Sussex)

Really enjoyed, and found Mike very engaging. Found that we had time and not rushed to grasp. Even the amount of questions we asked were answered and understanding checked. Have already booked up for the next round and have, and would, recommend – Thanks

John Boreham, (London)

Excellent training centre and course if you want to be an electrician. Highly recommend. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

David Kinninmonth, (Surrey)

Intense – covering all that I needed to progress on to further qualification courses.

Tony West, (Surrey)

Very impressed – lovely staff – nice classrooms. Already booked my next course.

Sani Bello, (Surrey)

Having attended the electrical foundation course I was really impressed with the course material and knowledge of the tutor. The price was very reasonable and worthwhile. I will be attending further courses and will recommend others.

Nathan Beer, (Surrey)

Really good. Mike did it at a really good pace taking in all abilities on the course. He was really approachable and happy to answer my stupid questions . Very patient. Course was very good and worth it. All staff were very polite and Mike was brilliant.

John Stevenson, (Surrey)

Great refresher for me after doing Level 3 EAL Installation last year. I’m ready now for my Inspection & Testing course. Mike our instructor was excellent and it ironed out a lot of points I found a little confusing. Overall – well done Mike!

Paul Deighton, (Leicestershire)

I have really enjoyed this course. Mike makes the subject easier to understand than I expected. Really great, loved the practical. Staff were first class.

Steve Mackinlay, (London)

Mike is a great teacher. His long career on the tools has made him a fountain of electrical knowledge for both classroom and real life environments.

Graham Thurman, (London)

A well run & organised centre with experienced & knowledgeable staff/trainers. Found the course relevant, enjoyable & pitched at a good level for me – challenging but inspiring. Learnt more than expected. Everyone has been very helpful and friendly.

Timothy Spearing, (London)

Very good, very informative, interesting, well presented. Good Speed, chance to ask questions etc.

Matthew McCann, (Surrey)

All respondance prior to course starting was spot on. Mike’s knowledge of the subject at hand could not be questioned. All questions answered thoroughly and with full understanding after each teaching phase.

Mark Chamberlain, (Nottinghamshire)

Well run and at a great pace. Willing to go back and explain again if required. Good use of examples / scenarios.

Connor McFadden, (Surrey)

Very clear, specific – not too rushed. Great Instructor, very understanding & helpful.

Joanna Dainton, (Bristol)

Brilliant – Lots of background mixed with practical work. All questions answered explanations where needed! Thanks.

Francesco Scala, (Surrey)

Simply, the course has beaten my expectations

Chris Tookey, (Kent)

Very insightful. I will come away with a much greater understanding of electrics. It will give me confidence to a) question tradesmen with future problems and b) allow me to think about retraining as an electrician. Speed of delivery and way it was taught was spot on.

Jack Daly, (Surrey)

Good facilities and the learning is made easy by the quality of the teaching

Martin Clarke, (Essex)

Thoroughly enjoyed the two weekends. Mike is very knowledgeable and has a great teaching style. Will recommend The BTC to others.

Matthew Macalino, (London)

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Mike was awesome. Will be back to increase my knowledge even more.

Darren Clarke, (London)
(Part P course, 17th Edition course)

Excellent value for money. I was unsure whether or not to do this prior to the Part P course, I’m very glad I did. Very informative and also enjoyable. Michael was patient and had a good sense of humour.

Danny Downham, (Lincolnshire)

A seasoned experience instructor bringing together real life examples of electrical work with the theory. A good course.

Lee Sholeh, (Surrey)

Being a training centre I was unsure as to how organised and professional it would be. I’m pleased that The BTC has surpassed all of my expectations and I will be signing up for many more courses in the future.

Bevon Scott, (London)

The centre is very professional but also friendly. The course more than lived up to my expectations. It was a lot more in depth than I expected.

Mayur Patel, (Surrey)
(Plastering course, Part P course, 17th Edition (2382-10) course)

Feel I have learnt more than the basics in electrics including testing and putting together circuits and radials. Richard is very good in explaining complicated theory in layman terms – Found this excellent!

Geoff Healing, (Surrey)
(Part P course, 17th Edition (2382-10) course)

Initial contact by phone was excellent & made me decide to use the centre.  The course was very well run with plenty of practical & a good balance of theory.  I am looking forward to doing Part P.

Christine Budhan, (Surrey)
(plastering course, advanced plastering course, tiling course, advanced tiling course, kitchen fitting course, carpentry course, plumbing course, bricklaying course)

Very good course, glad I did it for the knowledge of electrics. Great teaching as always!

Luke Johnson, (Kent)
(Part P course, 17th Edition (2382-10) course)

I felt that the course structure was perfect for my style of learning in terms of theory-practical-theory-practical….. instead of overloading of theory in one go. The class sizes meant great one to one availability and was impressed with the ability of the tutor, equipment and overall structure. The course was in a relaxed environment with friendly and helpful staff.

Chris Wood, (Kent)
(Part P course)

Excellent I will attend again! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. A very comfortable and relaxed style of training which would, I imagine put anybody at ease regardless of level and background. Richard’s style and personality made the week.

Andrew Daykin, (Essex)

Professional attitude throughout, well structured course. Centre is well appointed and seems well stocked and planned.

Peter Robinson, (Surrey)

Course was through throughout and Richard constantly checks students understanding. Excellent facilities and equipment and staff ensured a brilliant couple of learning weekends. Better than I expected.

Simon Jefferies, (Surrey)
(bricklaying course, plastering course, plumbing course)

Excellent – I’ve been on other courses so you already know that I like the place! Richard was really patient and explained everthing very clearly. Initially it was location but now that I’ve done courses here I wouldn’t go anywhere else even if it was half the price. Can’t wait to do the Part P and 17th Edition.

Chris Shakeshaft, (Somerset)
(Part P course, 17th Edition course, 2392 Inspection & Testing course)

Good facilities and friendly staff. The course was excellent with a lot more practical than I expected.

Dave Bryan, (Surrey)
(Part P course, 17th Edition course, Pat Testing course, 2392 Inspection & Testing course, 2391 Inspection & Testing course)

Very Good. Pleased I booked with yourselves for all my electrical courses. Superb Tutor!

Paul Coldwell, (London)
(Plumbing course, Bricklaying course, Plastering course)

Relaxed, friendly, professional and efficient. The best training I have ever attended – and I’ve attended lots!!

Marie Sinclair, (London)

Good structure. Small class numbers made it feel like a one to one course. Straight into practical was a great bonus. Facilities good standard. Microwave and fridge meant meals (lunches) were inexpensive.

Anthony Jones, (Surrey)

Well administered course. Both Michael and Richard were enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The structure of the course worked well and I feel 100% more confident and safe.

Andy Muir, (Buckinghamshire)

V. good.  Have been to two other building training centres and this has been best so far.

Andy Muir, (Buckinghamshire)
(Part P course, inspection & testing course)

Very good – second time I’ve been to the centre and back for Part P next week and considering C&G course.

Simon Murray (Dorset)

Outstanding in all areas of administration, especially around finding accommodation (fantastic price). Facilities are outstanding.

Phil Case, (Surrey)

The centre was excellent.  Richard was very knowledgeable and easy to learn from.  I will do more courses.

David Osborne, (Essex)
(Part P course)

The ‘Part P’ course was very enjoyable after doing the 4 day foundation which helped me move forward with my ‘Part P’.  The advice given to me to do the courses this way was spot on.

Chris Owa, (St Leonards on Sea)
(Part P course, inspection & testing course)

Excellent location – very accessible.  Good quiet atmosphere.  Very very friendly staff.

Andy Johnson, (London)
(plumbing course, plastering course, kitchen fitting course)

Fantastic!! Practical and easily explained…electrics finally become clear!!

Mark Card, (East Sussex)
(Part P course, 17th Edition (2382-10) course)

Very good and very ‘hands on’ with good tech background.

Michael Boocock, (Surrey)
(bricklaying course, tiling course, roof tiling course, roof construction course, plumbing course, plastering course, advanced plastering course)

Good facilities, good course contents, well delivered and enjoyable.  Learnt a lot in a short time.  Good to get out of my comfort zone.

Michael Hagan, (Surrey)

I enjoyed the layout.  Lots of space.

Tracey Morgan, (Surrey)
(Part P course, 17th Edition (2382-10) course)

Very well presented.  Lecturer is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.

Samantha Farrell, (Surrey)

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was easy to follow and taught using simplistic terms which helped as I don’t have any previous experience.

Rachael Durrett, (Buckinghamshire)

Course was very well paced.  I felt like I could comfortably keep up to speed even though I came in with no previous experience.

Abdul Turay, (Surrey)

The course is an eye opener.  I intend to do other courses in the near future.  From daily sitting down to hands on career, I can’t wait to apply for technical dept.

Stewart Harris, (Norfolk)

From the first call to Elaine she was great – very friendly & knowledgeable.  That combined with price I decided to book.  Richard is very patient & a natural teacher, easy to understand & friendly.  Thank you all & keep it up.

Laurence Gunzi, (Surrey)
(Part P course, 17th Edition (2382-10) course, PAT Testing (2377) course)

Good workmanlike working centre.  Course was very worthwhile as precursor to compact vocational course but much to do in short time.

Ray Vella, (Surrey)
(inspection & testing course)

Very good, to the point.  Lots of detail in small amount of time.

Bipin Uka, (Hertfordshire)
(Part P course, 17th Edition (2382-10) course, carpentry course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, kitchen fitting course, bricklaying course, tiling course)

Great fun course.  Just at right pace.  Easy to follow.

Andrew Dabrowski, (London)

Good facilities, structure, content etc.

Jordan Bailey, (London)
(plumbing course)

The centre is great and is very friendly.  Teacher is very good.

Richard Armah, (London)
(Part P course, 17th Edition (2382-10) course)

Course well put together and taught in a clear manner.  Staff and instructors nice and friendly.

Paul Godfrey, (Surrey)

Course very informative and pleasant to be on.  Full marks to Richard and his training methods.  A very patient man!

Jose Goncalves, (London)

– very friendly staff
– place clean and tidy
– right number of students per class
– easy to find

Luke Brzeski, (Bath)

Very well organised, small classes which added to the benefit of the course. Definitely will recommend.

Derek Hart, (Surrey)

I found course very good, A real benefit for the Part P course. Gets you thinking about what you are doing, what you are testing for and the reason for it. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to be an electrician.

Samantha Mondesir, (Essex)

A fantastic course which I would thoroughly recommend. There is a lot of  thinking to do but the ‘Eureka’ moments are like a bolt from the blue. Richard has the patience of a saint and a wicked sense of humour, making the learning much more fun.

Ashvin Anand Nunkoo, (Surrey)

The course is very rich and will be beneficial for anyone who attends it.

Jack Zanone, (Essex)

The whole course was very well detailed and explained. Instructors are very helpful. The centre is also in a great place which is good.

Dave Jones, (Suffolk)

Yet again another excellent and informative course made all the better by the very helpful, friendly knowledgeable instructor. A big thanks to both instructor and all the office staff.

Tony Simpson, (Surrey)

I have attended before and as before the quality was superb.

Simon Flaherty, (London)

Michael done an outstanding job relating different parts of the course to the real world. His explanations were clear and varied. Thank you.

Albert Durant, (Middlesex)

Throughly enjoyable and informative. Came down and met the staff and that sealed the deal for me.

Vinny Howitt, (Cyprus)
(kitchen fitting course, tiling course, plumbing course, plastering course, carpentry course, advanced plastering course, bricklaying course, advanced tiling course, 2 day electrical foundation course)

Centre – Excellent. Course – Very intense. Instructor packed the absolute maximum content into the course without making anyone struggle. Excellent as always.

Albert Durant, (Middlesex)

Came down and met the staff and that sealed the deal for me. Throughly enjoyable and informative course.

John Bedford, (Surrey)

Better than I expected – have no experience so was a bit apprehensive beforehand – everyone at the centre was helpful and friendly. Michael was great and very knowledgeable and always happy to help and answer questions.

Clive Fromant, (Leicestershire)

Class A1, clean, easy to find and great instructors.

Charlie Doe, (Surrey)

Very good, knew hardly anything about electrics and now have a good understanding.

Mags Connelly, (Scotland)
(plumbing course, 4 day electrical foundation course)

Centre is very well equipped, well located and comfortable. The course was excellent. Everything we required was supplied or available for purchase. It was very well laid out and easy to follow. Instructor was friendly, clear in his instruction and more than happy to go over anything several times if necessary.

John McHugh, (Ireland)

Very detailed course and well structured. The centre was well maintained and had everything for its students.

Michael Hever, (London)

Great course with very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Shirley Armitage, (Surrey)

Really impressed with the course. The content was as accessible to a non electrician, and the tutor and staff as friendly as it all appears on the website!

Scott Hopkins, (Hertfordshire)

Location convenient to train station. Course very well delivered.

David Long, (Suffolk)

Excellent – The ability to learn at the weekend and the attention to detail was really good.

Dwayne Edwards,  (London)

Brilliant! Very good patient teacher. I want to come back to attend other 2 day course. Will be recommending friend to come, as learned more than expected.

Arumugaananthees Janarthanan, (London)

When I cam here I had no knowledge of electrics at all. Now I know the basics. I am totally satisfied with this course. I say a very big thank you to Richard, our instructor.

Tom Shotton, (Yorkshire)

Course was great, was what I was hoping for despite not knowing what to expect. It is a long way for me to travel from Yorkshire but there is nothing like this up North. Other than the travel it has been great and I will be returning.

Jonathan Rogers, (London)

Very good, friendly, well equipped. Course was very good – Mick was excellent. I felt very welcome and will return to complete more courses.

Mark Greaves, (London)

I was impressed with how the centre is laid out for the different courses and the how clean the centre was. The course was well delivered by the instructor who was very knowledgeable and willing to assist in any way he could. This course has given me a better understanding and practical skills of electrical work and components.

Ian Wyles, (Kent)

I’ve really enjoyed the 4 days. I was apprehensive about going to a building centre, but it was friendly, informative and very professional.

Kei Roberts, (Surrey / South Africa)

Very fun but still very professionally done!

Raye Caluori, (London)

Excellent. Really enjoyable and well run. Definitely coming back. Well structured course and patient and knowledgeable instructor.

Nicola Bouchard, (London)

I really enjoyed the practical elements which were challenging and informative. With the theory and practical elements together, I feel I have a much better understanding of household electrics and I’m confident I can fix that outside light. Thanks Mike!

Richard Follett, (Surrey)

Very good teacher. Well informed and good facilities to practice on. Would come back again.

Graham Garnett, (Dorset)

Very well organised and professional centre and course. Learnt more than I could of imagined in 4 days.

Chris Evans, (Buckinghamshire)

Very welcoming and friendly. Professional and informal at the same time. Well set up and course well thought out. Good environment, class size ideal, and Mike very open to any questions. Very well presented throughout.

Gareth Pearce, (Hampshire)

Very impressed!! Will definitely consider future courses. Great that you can do weekend courses. Mike made everything easy to understand and was happy to take any questions. The office staff were great when I had to move the course – really appreciated!!

Waqas Koreshi, (Essex)

Very good facilities, well equipped, excellent training staff, very knowledgeable tutor and useful hand outs.

Alin Marza, (Surrey)

Very helpful course. Anyone should go for it. Lots to learn. Good staff.

James Thomson, (Surrey)

Very happy with the course. Content went above and beyond what I had expected. The facilities were excellent, fit for purpose and wherever any equipment was broken it was quickly replaced.

Jerome Campbell, (London)

I did enjoy the course so much I am coming back on Monday for the next course.

Tajinder Sehmbi, (Essex)

I have used this centre once before to do a PAT Testing course back in December last year and the reason I returned was because I enjoyed the relaxed style in teaching and the encouragement to ask questions. Mike was very friendly and helped in different ways to make me/other students understand certain things.

Richard Hill, (Nottinghamshire)

The course was perfect for me and was highly informative. Excellent tutor (Mike) who was helpful when unsure of anything and a great sense of humour too.

Olaitan Quadri, (London)

Location is good and set up is fantastic. Teaching and support was excellent.

David Findlay, (Surrey)

Great course, very informative. Will help me to decide if I want to be an electrician or not.

Fiona McSorley, (London)

Excellent – Really good balance between theory and practical. Great way information put across. Tutor patient when I didn’t understand. Great sense of humour.

Akua Agyeman, (Surrey)

I love this centre, every time I come I am met by the politest and helpful people. The course has filled me with confidence to be a better designer for all trades.

Hilary Muzingo, (London)

Very comprehensive materials. Mike was always willing to answer any questions we had. The facilities were fit for purpose and the materials and tools were always in working order and available, which made the practical work easier. I’m looking forward to and feel prepared for the Domestic Installers course.

Zofia Mrugacz, (London)

Very useful as a base for architectural work. Enjoyed the course a lot. Thank you.

Yvonne Sperring, (Hertfordshire)

Very good teacher and instructor with great amount of knowledge and experience. Informative and helpful. Throughly enjoyable.

Nicholas Andrew, (London)

The centre was far better organised than I expected and the staff really helpful. It was also clean and tidy and safe. My course was well organised and very well presented and ‘on the point’. No one to whom I talked to thought otherwise -so good value for money too.

Herve Christian Yomi Djanwa, (London)

I’m new in electrical field. This course was amazing. I didn’t realise that I can learn so many things in 4 days. I love the way The BTC teaches theory and practical. I’m looking forward to coming back and carry on to the next step. The tutor Mike was fantastic, very brilliant and explained everything I wanted. Many thanks to The BTC.

Vincent Boyle, (Oxon)

Very good training. Will help candidates to decide whether they wish to go on any further as an electrician.

Alpha Boubacar Diallo, (Surrey)

Very well equipped facilities. Very knowledgeable instructor. The facilities are clean and tidy and the staff very helpful. You got hand on experience from day 1.

Steven Boylen, (Hampshire)

Excellent facilities and staff. All questions answered and extra help where needed.

Jennifer Cohen, (London)

Fantastic. Very clear. Straight in with practical work and getting hands-on practice which helped cement everything in. Mike made it very easy to ask him any questions. Genuinely have learned some useful practical knowledge I can use.

Jonathan Hills, (Surrey)

Very good. Good content and well taught. I would recommend to anyone just starting out in electrics.

Carl Armstrong, (Merseyside)

Facilities Great – course pace well set and instruction well given. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mowafak Najar, (London)

I am very pleased with this centre. I have learned a lot at my time here. The teaching is great. Everything is taught to a high standard.

Andy Chute, (Surrey)

Excellent course, really enjoyed it. Mike was an excellent tutor, very informed and willing to help at any stage.

David Allen, (Surrey)

Brilliant – Very informative and confirmed my opinion that I am making the right decision to become an Electrician, even if it will be a challenge.

David Ward, (London)

Really fantastic. Excellent facilities, well paced learning. Mike was excellent and is obviously extremely experienced.

Adam Cutler, (Dorset)

Very good. I liked the pace and that if you didn’t understand something the tutor would go through it until you got it.

Richard Bustard, (Kent)

Very intensing and well run. Right combination of theory and practical.