James Holloway, Dorset

“The course was good value for money & well instructed, the teacher was very thorough in explaining and answered all questions asked 10/10.”

Michael Wells, Middlesex

“This is the third course I’ve attended and it’s just as good as the rest. Excellent teaching, facilities, and environment. I recommend it to everyone I know.”

Steve Thomson, Devon

“Eugene was very clear with his explanation of every step. As a returning student the centre was very user-friendly, Thank you.”

Simon Coe, Devon

“The centre has a friendly, practical feel to it. The hands-on approach. And a mixture of back up information, videos and hand outs was the perfect balance.
Very informative and fun and I am leaving confident that I would carry out the work on site. PS our teacher was knowledgeable and great!”

Ben Gardiner, Portsmouth

“Easy to get to and a great course”

Dan Williams, London

“Second time visiting, as good as the first time. Very impressed/happy with the course will be back for roofing soon!”

Thomas Sullivan, Kent

“Explained in detail and very happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have on future roofing projects “

Geoffrey Holden, Kent

“Very good, clear explanations. Invited questions and provided ample breadth of experience. practical was enjoyable and supported good opportunity to understand characteristics and limitations of materials. Very friendly and helpful staff.”

Terry Price, Kent

“Very well run course with clear instructions and guidance throughout the day. I now have the confidence to use Cure-it on a double garage.”

Sean Pither, Berkshire

“Brilliant service and excellent explanation of GRP system.”

Ben Peel, Surrey

“Absolutely brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyable, well organised. We need more of these type of centres. Excellent staff, very knowledgeable.”

Kevin Scanlon, Kent

“Absolutely amazing. Tony done a great job in describing everything in detail and answered all questions.”

Bonaventura Apicella, Surrey (previously attended a plastering course)

“Very clear instructions and explanations. The project started and finished smoothly with all involved. Great tutor, great finish”

Terry Groves, Surrey (previously attended a kitchen fitting course)

“Brilliant – 10/10 for course Instructor”

Metu Sachania, Middlesex

“Very impressed with the vast range of courses on offer and the professionalism of the staff. The training bays and facilities are ideal. Good location – easy to find and get to”

David Forbes, Surrey

“Excellent – top marks for efficiency and helpfulness from the staff”

Peter Colaj, London

“10/10 for course content, course structure, course instructor and course materials”

Edward Mahoney, London (previously attended a plumbing course, tiling course, kitchen fitting course and 2 day electrical foundation course)

“Service received from centre staff was 100%.”

Zbigniew Witek, London

“Course was recommended by Selco. The BTC Staff were helpful and the location of the centre was good”

Kolawole Ajao, London (previously attended a home maintenance course)

“Good staff, helpful and advised about your course and other courses offer.”

Ian Caslake, Surrey

“Course very informative centre. Easy to use. Friendly atmosphere from all who use it”

Tony Chan, Surrey

“Has been my pleasure to take up this training course. Will consider other courses provided by this centre.”

Belinda Harris-Grave, Lancashire

“The centre is a really good facility and all staff members very helpful and friendly. The course was excellent and should be a good grounding for contractors wishing to lay fibre glass roofs”

Anthony Small,  London

“Very reassuring and very pleased with course”

Iain Bint, Kent

“Excellent, enjoyed it”

Christopher Gwinnell, Kent

“Very good and full for a 1 day course. Very pleased with the certificate!

Paul Jady, Bristol

“Very Good. No Messing. Hands-on”

Chris Burton, Dorset


Tom Replinski, Middlesex

“All good”

Michael Bors, London

“Very good”

Toby Robert, London

“Very good, very professionally run”

Shaun Fradd, East Sussex

It was fantastic!!!”

Simon Pritchard, Isle of Wight

“Very easy to understand and explained well”

Geoff Sealy, London

“Practical and theory very good”

Darren Flood, Isle of Wight

“Very good”

Simon Flaherty, London (previously attended 4 day electrical foundation course, Part P course, 17th Edition course, 2392 Inspection & Testing course and 2 day PAT Testing course)

“Great Course. Great Centre. Thanks a lot”

Keith Chilvers, Essex

“Very good, impressed with staff helpfulness”

Jake Lansdell, Middlesex

“Friendly and helpful”

Nick Turner, Kent

“Very Good. Friendly and helpful staff. Course was recommended by Selco”

John Rees, Surrey

“Very Pleased. Good value for money”

Andrew Wright, London

“Very good course. Good base of knowledge”

Lincoln Charles, London

“Overall impression first class”

Keir Tyler, London

“Fantastic Centre, friendly and helpful staff couldn’t be happier with the days events”

Terry Greenslade, Surrey

“Good Instructor. Very good centre. Informative course”

Jeanne Needham, Berkshire

“Instructor brilliant. Really, really easy to understand the course”

Andrew Neal, Cornwall

“Very impressed with the technological knowledge of the course instructor. Gave me the confidence to go out and lay flat roofing.

Daniel Cudby, Kent

“Outstanding! Everything was exceptional. From the welcome, the introduction and the centre structure. Tony was the perfect instructor”

Julia Velling, Kent

“Really informative, friendly and knowledgeable course tutor (Tony) and office staff. Thank you.”

Miftah Mian, Middlesex

“I think it cant be better than it is. All training is conducted in a very professional manner, Tony being very helpful and explained things in a very easy to understand way.”

Danny Norbury, Liverpool

“Surprised at how much I have learn’t in only 1 day. I am now confident of being able to complete a job of my own now using this method. Course was brilliantly explained by Tony”

Kevin Atkins, Cheshire

“Good Instructor, materials and friendly no pressure atmosphere. All very good.”

Mark Johnston, Surrey

“Very informative and easy to follow. Plenty of hands-on”

Robert McKenzie, Middlesex

“The course was great and what I have come to expect from the centre.”

Lindsay Fletcher, London

“Brilliant, not a moment wasted. Didn’t once feel like I should be somewhere else. Much more than I can say about most courses I’ve been on. “

Ian Whaley, Essex

“I am a sales assistant in a Selco branch and this course will enable me to answer a lot of questions and I will recommend the course to builders”

Eduart Aliaj, Buckinghamshire

“Very good. I was able to discus future projects and past experiences, and was very impressed”

Gavin Templeton, Warwickshire

“The facilities are very good. The course attended was excellent. Lots of practical which is the best way I learn”

Michael Cooper, Middlesex 

“Course was very helpful and interesting. Tony was a great instructor and very knowledgeable being in the trade himself. The centre was well laid out and quite large and professionally run. Would recommend”

John Gallagher, Middlesex 

“The GRP Roofing course was very well presented. The practical training was very thorough and Tony led the whole day very well”

Jeremy Martin, East Sussex 

“Very good facility. Great course – very well explained. 100% confident to tackle this type of work now”

Will Nahum, East Sussex 

“Always excellent. I have attended a lot of courses and would recommend. Thank you”

Oliver Jenkins, Middlesex

“Fantastic day. Tony really knows his stuff. I feel now that I could go and complete a GRP roof to a great standard. Thanks”

Romulus Popescu, Hertfordshire

“I’m very impressed and feel more confident, the staff are great, the courses are exceptional, thanks for great knowledge achieved.”

Mark Howson, Nottinghamshire

“Very pragmatic course, confident on tackling grp roofing jobs. Lots of good  tips and advice.

Ben Traverso, Surrey

“Fantastic! Good facilities and staff, very knowledgeable coach with great answers to questions. Vital knowledge gained in minimal amount of time.”

Leszek Rytych, Essex

“Very practical. Easy and friendly. I will book another course. Great and professional staff”

Richard McDonald, Ayrshire

“Very well run, ideally situated. Instructions/demonstrations first class. Set out at good pace to pick up.”