Testimonials from students attending Home Maintenance DIY Foundation Course

Vanessa Kelley (Brighton)

Great, very friendly, professional, informative and enjoyable. Learnt loads. Good tutor, and a fun course. Would definitely recommend, better than expected.

Leslie Turano Taylor (Barrington)

I learned a lot (mostly discovered how difficult it is to get masking tape straight!). Martin is a terrific teacher – very clear and obviously knowledgeable. I think the course will pay for itself very soon. Very impressive and I will come back for more courses.

Anna Parsons (Dorset)

Very varied. Covered lots of topics/processes. Kept fun and light-hearted however health and safety still remained. Centre fit for purpose, all areas I experienced a good amount of spare kit. Patient teacher who didn’t laugh at silly questions.

David Pribil (London)

Martin was a fantastic instructor and I learned a lot while having a fantastic time. I’ll recommend this course to anyone interested in Home Maintenance.

Alice Watson (East Sussex)

The course was just fantastic. It was pitched just right – the right pace, tone and practical vs info. I’ve learnt so much.

John Hodges (New Jersey – USA)

Course and instructor were very good. Learnt a lot and had lots of fun too. Win win! I am considering doing other courses in the future. Excellent!

Caroline Vodden (Whitby)

Really useful. Built on my existing knowledge with loads of new and helpful tips. Removed lots of myths and made me realise it’s quite simple when you know how, with practice. The notes will be really helpful too.

James Huggett (East Sussex)

Lots of useful idiot-proof advice that made me much more confident going forward with DIY. Martin was very engaging and entertaining.

Aysha Tezgel (Surrey)

The Centre is obviously well used and all staff are kind and friendly. It was great to see so many women! Martin was full of energy, interesting to listen to with lots of experience. He offered lots of help post-course and answered all questions. Highly motivated to attend another course.

Beckie Burn (Kent)

Brilliant – the course was great from start to finish. Really practical and covered so much more than I was expecting. Loved being able to ask questions throughout. The Centre is really well set up.

Jazz Morley (Somerset)

Really wonderful. Felt extremely welcomed and looked after. Very friendly staff and inclusive environment. Information and helpful. Pete was wonderful!!

Juho Piiparinen (Cambridge)

Very satisfied with the course. The level and pace were just right. Better than I expected!

Rima Devereaux (London)

It was fantastic. I have learnt an amazing amount about the basic tasks involved in maintaining a home, and feel confident to have a go at things that would have terrified me or daunted me before. So much better than reading a DIY manual which doesn’t give you hands-on experience.

Abimbola Olabode (London)

Love it! The course provided hands-on training of general home maintenance issues that I have wanted to resolve for a long time in a fun and informal & informative way. With clear lines on what I can not touch at home also… i.e. what needs a qualified electrician.

Roanna Blacklock, (London)

Perfectly set up for learning, great location course covered a lot of material briefly which gives a great overall impression of home maintenance.

Shavarne Patterson, (London)

Well organised – really friendly people and perfectly pitched to my skill level. Felt like we covered lots of jobs that I would have paid a fortune for others to do and now feel confident to give it a go.

Lisa-Jane Holmes, (London)

Both – just brilliant. So friendly and welcoming – really wonderful staff for whom nothing was too much trouble. The course was really useful & has taught me so much – I can put so much of it into practice. The tutor was patient, funny and so so knowledgeable.

Thomas Were, (London)

Fantastic set up. Great fun. Should have done it years ago.

Annemarie Little, (London)

Excellent taster course. Awful lot of information in a short time. Great for boosting confidence and demystifying.

Ty Taylor, (Bucks)

Expectations met as per website!!

Liz Andrew, (Surrey)

Excellent instructor and really enjoyable. Course converted me from a total incompetent to, I hope, reasonably confident DIYer!
Thank you and will be recommending!

Sharon Thompson, (Bucks)

Excellent first taster course, lots of general useful jobs, and a few useful tips for more experienced DIYers.

Naz Sarkar, (London)

Amazing – one of the best training courses I’ve attended in my life.

Julie Beauregard, (Kent)

The content was more than expected. Really well organised and explained. Really safe and made fun. There were no stupid questions which really helped increase knowledge. I leave feeling confident with basic home improvements, skills and I now want to do more. Great trainer – would definitely recommend.

Bhavin Pandya, (Kent)

Excellent course. Professional staff throughout. Lots of practical tasks and equipment. Brilliant teacher Martin – would highly recommend.

Nicole Butler, (Bristol)

Felt very welcomed and able to follow everything discussed, taught and demonstrated. Martin was extremely helpful to everything I asked and made sure everything was understood. he made me feel like I am able to attempt the DIY myself and am very pleased to have attended. Amazing!

Mahua Nandi, (London)

Fantastic coverage – will save me a lot of money! Perfectly organised from start to finish – The BTC really know what they are doing.

Neil Sinclair, (West Sussex)

A very enjoyable course with loads packed in. The tips and hints alone will save you the price of the course, i.e. when you get paint, home fixings you can do  yourself without having to get someone in. Martin is an excellent and charismatic trainer. We had a lot of fun.

Tania McGhee, (Surrey)

Absolutely brilliant! Have done other type courses but this was far more better. As a woman I felt comfortable. Martin lightened the mood and made the course fun. Great teacher, somehow made things seem very simple. Very easy to digest content with lots of practical work. He is very patient! Plus he spoils us with cheese and chocolate!

Ronan Cleary, (Hertfordshire)

Very practical and compact. Easy to access each work area. Tools supplied were good quality and plentiful. Learned lots!

Steve Kethro, (Surrey)

Excellent location – Great for travel to centre. really friendly staff. Made a difficult subject easy to access. Gary is an excellent communicator and teacher.

Laurence Bolton, (Surrey)

Did exactly what I wanted it to do! Great entry level into understanding how the basics are done. Martin was Awesome!

Talisha Shah, (London)

Had a great two days on the course. Gary was fab instructor and we learnt lots.I am now more confident & knowledgeable. Fun and enjoyable and lots to learn.

Janet Critchley, (Surrey)

Brilliant! It has exceeded my expectations. Staff at the centre are very friendly and efficient. Following the course I feel much more confident and know what sort of DIY I do / don’t want to undertake.

Julie McNab, (Kent)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my whole experience at The Builder Training Centre. The staff are very welcoming and friendly and made me feel at ease. The course content is very good and I have learnt so much – Thank you. I will recommend the course to others.

Hilary Salter, (Kent)

Very thorough syllabus, well presented and informative. A real confidence builder. Staff all very friendly and helpful.

Simon Hamilton Ritchie, (London)

Really good course giving the space to try things out, and get good feedback on what was done, as well as great tips on techniques.

Robert Dyer, (Somerset)

Very good. Will be advising more staff to book.

Jon Kirke, (London)

Friendly, well equipped. Convenient for travel by train.

Tracy Davis, (London)

It’s been great. I feel I can tackle a number of jobs at home that I would not have done before.

Rosalie Carter, (Surrey)

As a woman I was slightly apprehensive with booking, but I needn’t of worried. Everyone was very professional and friendly. Great instructor, fab content and great course.

Ian Searle, (London)

Brilliant place – really pleased, will be back. Gary was excellent, patient and knowledgeable.

Heather Giles, (Hampshire)

2nd time here so knew that it was an ideal venue for training. Course was very useful and informative.

Zarina Baloch, (Berkshire)

Excellent! Really great course. Covered a lot in two days. Super tuition with Kevin and very ‘hands-on’. Very, very useful for a complete novice like me.

Jeff Mash, (London)

Exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot, learned tricks of the trade, got lots of hands-on learning and learned to celebrate my mistakes & learn from them.

Irene Miller, (Bedforshire)

Great location – easy to find. Good basic facilities and fantastic helpful staff. Our instructor was knowledgeable and excellent at presenting the course with a great sense of humour. I really really enjoyed this course. Thank you very much Martin! This is the best most relevant course I’ve done. Office staff very professional and obviously very experienced.

Elka Bhatt, (Bedforshire)

Course was very informative and training was very professional. I learnt a great deal. The training centre provided all necessary equipment and location very easy to get to.

Reena Bhatt, (Hertfordshire)

Great centre with excellent facilities, lots of equipment on hand to use and learn from. The course taught me new skills and the learning style (Martin) was brilliant. Shown how to do things/use equipment, explained in detail and then practical part to “do it ourselves”

Ela Jackson, (Bedforshire)

The centre is more than adequate for the course requirements. Martin our instructor was amazing. He put us all at ease from the start and his knowledge is second to none. He answered all our questions and gave us lots of advice and pointers to help us continue in the future. It is the best course I have ever completed. Thank you Martin, you are very patient. Andy and Elaine (office staff) were both helpful and encouraging.

Gareth Kirk, (Berkshire)

Lovely welcoming relaxed place. Staff great and knowledgeable. Ideal location next to the station. Relaxed way of teaching puts you at ease.

Anne Mugo, (Surrey)

Learnt a lot. Myths and conceptions busted.

Sam McGairl, (London)

I found it very useful. Lots of things that I didn’t know how to do have been explained and I am more confident on the things I half knew. The centre is very well kitted out.

Amechi Chinyelu, (Surrey)

I was very impressed with the course, and the instructor was very helpful. His style of teaching and demonstrations made it all the easier to understand the course. I will book for more courses in the future.

Gabby Collier, (Kent)

Very good. Michael was very patient! answered all questions clearly and thoroughly. Good pace and range of tasks covered. Good fun!

Squid Marr, (London)

Great! Very friendly, welcoming. Knowledgeable and well equipped. I have learnt such a lot!

Martin Laughlin, (London)

Very good centre and helpful staff.  Enjoyed my course very much.

Annabell Brunner, (London)

The course has been very useful – all the tips and knowledge gained will help me to maintain and refurbish, from decorating to changing sockets and plugs! Brilliant Course!!!

Jennifer Allen, (Surrey)

Fantastic. I have learnt so much and I am looking forward to sorting out all the little undone jobs around my home.

Elizabeth Bramhall, (London)

Excellent – friendly, knowledgable staff and great facilities. Flexible course times (e.g. weekends) helpful

Craig Burrett, (Sussex)

Good advice received regarding all building trades, preparing me for my future courses and basic work on my house when needed.

Alex Crawford, (Surrey)

Very Good! Informative, good trade tips, good practicals.

Dipen Patel, (London)

Excellent facilities and the course was/is very useful covering basic everyday problems.

Sanjay Patel, (Middlesex)

Very Useful. Learnt the basics well enough to go and implement.

Joan White, (Surrey)

Very enjoyable , good level for beginners, good practical experience, right number of people.

Lucky Kapoor (Middlesex)

Very professional. Very clean atmosphere. Standards good. Very helpful people. Elaine is very professional on phone and gives good customer satisfaction.

Ann Stewart (London)

An excellent introduction to home maintenance. Welcoming and friendly tutor and staff, good pacing of content – never felt rushed or too out of depth. Informative and fun – left me keen to have a go myself on a few home projects.

Matthew Carse (London)

Excellent overall. Thorough and well explained.

Penny Babb (London)

Very professional and friendly.

Sophie Mulligan, (London)

I really enjoyed the course, as well as being informative and useful. The staff were really friendly. The small team size made it easier to learn. I would recommend to friends.

Darlton Williams, (London)

It has been wonderful.  The clarity in teaching was excellent.  The tutor was just too good!  The centre itself is good.

Eamonn Prendergast, (Kent)

Very good.  Enjoyed it.  Will do other courses.

Richard Heap, (London)

I was very happy. It was good to learn the basics for more DIY and I am considering attending more courses to further my knowledge.

Sarah Belaon, (Kent)

Liked the fact everything was hands-on, as this helped with learning.

Christine Broadley (London)

Excellent – covered most of what I needed, how I needed and why I needed.Michael couldn’t have been a better tutor, and demonstrator.

Colin Maunder (Surrey)

Very thorough course, covering wide range of trades.Well organised, professional centre.

Tracey Blackman (Surrey)

I felt totally welcome and at ease from the minute I arrived.The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and so patient with everyone.Overall a very professional course which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a vast amount of crucial knowledge.

Charles Dankyi, (London)

My impression of the builder training centres ltd is the staff are good at their roles, helpful, friendly.

Scott Rainsley, (Hampshire)

A well run and structured course.

Nova Young, (London)
(carpentry course)

Useful course, covering many different aspects.  Michael v helpful & patient answering all our questions.

Paul Barker, (Hampshire)

I thought the course was excellent and have learnt much from it.  The staff were friendly and helpful.  I will be returning.

Anna Savage, (Kent)

Well laid out.  Good to have small numbers on courses.  Would recommend it.

Marion Forbes, (Surrey)

Excellent & very useful course.  Michael was very informative & answered all our questions whilst also providing lots of additional tips.

Christine Bramble, (London)

I think that the course touches on enough subjects to fill the two days.  The tutor is very instructional, entertaining and a friendly (no, he hasn’t offered an incentive!).  And there is more than ample opportunity to ask questions.

Rachelle Hembury, (Buckinghamshire)

Excellent, made me feel v welcome.

Thank you – going back to practice on my mate’s house!

Rajeev Bagga, (Middlesex)

Was excellent, v practical.  Michael is v approachable & friendly etc.

Gillian Blaney (Essex)

Very Good

Martin Ensoor (Birmingham)

Excellent, well taught and gained significant knowledge.

Neale Heffernan (Monmouthshire)

Very Good – Would come again!

Jeff McCarthy (Middlesex)

Very good value for money. Staff helpful and knowledgeable. Having 8 students on the course was just the right number. I would certainly recommend the centre to friends.

Roger Stavrou (London)

The course was very interesting, many things covered. The centre is great! Access from Victoria to Waddon was great for me.

Scott Elliott, (Surrey)

Very thorough, covering wide range of topics. Very helpful. Michael was very knowledgeable and answered all questions.

Sylvie Jordan, (Surrey)

A very well designed course. Fitted in a lot in 2 days and especially appreciated being able to get advice on individual problems. Great to have such a small group. Well worth the money.

John Power, (London)

Very well presented, easy to understand and practical content and subjects covered were excellent.

Ellil Satchi, (London)

Excellent. Great Staff. Great facilities. Great organisation. Great use of time and coverage of topics.

Divya Pillai, (Essex)

Excellent Team; competative price for the course. Easy reachable locatiohn; friendly and well knowledged trainer. 2 days course covering lots of stuff; Thank you very much, see you again.

Jennie Jones, (Dorset)

Professional training centre, well equipped and organised. Safe. Welcoming to women.

Dan Yeloff, (Surrey)

I found the course very well organised and structured. Michael answered all the questions very well. The content was exactly what I need to get started as a new home owner – well done!

Dwayne Brown, (London)

Excellent course. Couldn’t find any fault!

Iain Katimbo, (Surrey)

Very professional, felt like it’s a place the experts train for refresher courses. Everyone was very friendly and patient which was very helpful.

Himal Hirani, (Middlesex)

Very informative and enjoyable course and will definately recommend to friends. A very good introduction to basic home DIY.

Nick Johnstone, (London)

I will recommend it to many people I know. Pitched at the perfect level.

Lisa Wilde, (Surrey)

Fantastic course – Exceeded my expectations. Michael was an excellent tutor. I now have the skills to tackle all those jobs in the house I’ve been ignoring for so long.

Eugene Grant, (London)

An excellent course – well worthwhile, practical and wonderfully informative. The whole service delivered at the centre is excellent and the staff patient and friendly. I’d definitely recommend the course.

Mary Ryan, (Essex)

I was impressed with the overall centre. I felt instantly at ease and the course covered a range of content specific for my needs. Michael was a great instructor and kept everything clear. Really enjoyed it! Thank you.

Ilona Kahn, (Bedfordshire)

Friendly and related whilst still being work orientated. Well run and the course had the right balance of flexibility and structure.

Daniel Scholes, (Dorset)

Very friendly and professional. Couldn’t be more helpful and accommodating.

Edward, (Kent)

This course has been excellent. Very warm welcome and friendly atmosphere from the start. Very wide range of topics covered, all of which were relevant and helpful. And as a highlight – Martin our instructor. What a friendly, welcoming, helpful, informative and all round great instructor. Legend! Thanks very much Martin, an exceptional course and very much enjoyed.

Nick Edey, (London)

Very impressed with the comprehensive range of courses and the tools and materials available to use.

Kamy Vekaria, (London)

The perfect location and centre for DIY courses. Very informative and will be walking away with lots of knowledge and general DIY. Excellent teacher.

Yulia Kalinichenko, (London)

The course was a great introduction to many elements to home DIY. I would recommend it to others and definitely take Martin’s course again.

Anita Patel, (London)

Fantastic course, with a friendly and extremely helpful teacher, who was patient and very experienced. He gave invaluable advice and made the course enjoyable.

Kalpna Patel, (London)

Fantastic and very informative course instructor, who patiently answered questions and explained things accurately as well as giving extra tips. Great overall course.

Shammi Shah, (London)

Time and money well spent. Would recommend to anyone. Excellent training by an excellent tutor. Thank you.

Nathalie Chung, (London)

Very professional, well organised, super friendly staff, excellent teaching standards and well written course. Perfect pace of learning.

Linzi Algar, (Surrey)

Fantastic. The centre is very friendly, especially as a woman. I felt intimidated at first but within minutes I felt completely at ease. The course was extremely helpful and is going to help me at home with my family. This course should be taught at school and made part of the curriculum. Martin was amazing. A fantastic teacher and extremely competent at his work. Made learning fun.

Deborah Lewin, (Wiltshire)

Excellent and well explained. Easy to find, good amenities nearby. Covered lots of different aspects.

Clyde Rodney, (Essex)

Superb, fantastic delivery. As per normal, Martin gives you confidence to take on a variety of tasks.

Ashley Booth, (Berkshire)

Felt that I have learnt a great deal on how to fix things and improve around a house. Have a lot more confidence to do it as well.

Margaret Cousins, (Essex)

Great – Very informative, useful, full of practical skills and great fun. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Richard White, (East Sussex)

Very useful. Pitched at just the right level and we were all made to feel part of the group regardless of our relative skill levels. Martin was a very informative instructor.

Anna Poulter, (London)

I have had a great time! Full of really useful information that I can start using straight away, but delivered in a fun, interesting and informative way. Whetted my appetite for future courses. Thank you Martin – hope to join you on a course in the future.

Francesca McPhail, (London)

Perfect! Gave me the confidence to carry out jobs I always wanted to have a go at doing. Martin is a top guy, with plenty of patience. Made learning fun!

Preeti Bansil, (Essex)

Excellent starting out course! Strong foundation for doing home DIY giving me the confidence I need.

Wonder Mubaiwa, (Yorkshire)

Well established and equipped, run by qualified and competent staff

Prash Balendra, (Middlesex)

Well run set up, very organised. Martin was very helpful and entertaining and also very knowledgeable. His tips will be very useful.

Jay Jamnades, (London)

The staff are very friendly and the centre has a great atmosphere. Martin was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and it was great that he was still a working builder.

Malik Jallo, (Berkshire)

This has been an amazing experience. I arrived lacking the skills, confidence and motivation to tackle basic DIY tasks. Martin’s knowledge and teaching ability, plus tons of humour, has given me a steep change in my confidence and I am excited to get fixing.

Bhimlal Gurung, (Andover)

Very good course. Very informative. Learnt some basic but important stuff that I would need to use at home to repair/fix small things. Excellent instructor – very friendly.

Jon Palmer, (Surrey)

Excellent. A hidden gem. Friendly and welcoming.

Jenny Param (Surrey)

It has exceeded my expectations by far. Learned so much and more which led to confidence on so many things. Thank you.

Sally-Ann Parker, (London)

Excellent centre and course really good, lots to take in and lots covered. Martin an excellent teacher, very patient and helpful with lots of hints and tips.

Elizabeth Brewer, (Hertfordshire)

Excellent!! Learned so much, Martin was a really good instructor and the staff at the centre are all friendly and helpful. Good course content.

Jessica Chiste, (London)

Great course! Learnt a lot in two days and will save me money in the future! If only I had done this sooner. Centre is good and well equipped.

Aaron Noel, (Surrey)

Really impressed. Kevin is very knowledgeable and thoroughly answered any questions thrown at him about literally any topic, even when it wasn’t covered in the course. I’ll be recommending this course to others.

Lucy Bailey, (London)

Excellent, wide range covered, learned a lot & gained much confidence. Martin is an inspirational tutor. Very helpful.

Linda Meth, (London)

Best course I have ever been on (and I have had a few – courses I mean!). Like Arnie says “I’ll be back. The team are very friendly – Not at all scary.

Emma Henley, (Hertforshire)

Centre excellent – Very friendly welcome from all staff. Course content was broken down to bite size chunks and delivered in a logical order. No query too small and instructor always took time to explain each detail. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and recommend to everyone.