Testimonials from students attending Foundation Kitchen Fitting Course

Flo Bradbury (East Sussex)

Great! Really appreciate a shorter option existing and got so much valuable information. Eugene was a really good (& patient) teacher and I’m now feeling inspired to try and get my foot in the door!

Will Dobie (France)

All good, my second course. Went from zero experience to feeling very comfortable with the tools and process.

Kerry Dawson (London)

I’ve really enjoyed every aspect of the course. Eugene has been a great teacher. It’s been informative, fun and very satisfying seeing it all come together.

Carl Whinder (London)

This is my third course at the BTC. Once again, great facilities, friendly staff and Eugene was a very helpful and knowledgeable teacher.

Sebastian Trebacz (London)

Brilliant as usual. Truly one of my favourite places in London/UK. The quality of instructors you hire is amazing. I got precisely what I needed to ensure I can do up my kitchen confidently.

Craig Prothero (Longsutton)

Fantastic. The course is informative, engaging and fun to complete. Euegene is great, an asset to the centre.

Craig Prothero (Norfolk)

Good organised centre, with knowledgeable staff and clean facilities.

David Pardoe (Richmondshire)

Fantastic and now ready for my own project! Great tutor and balanced content. Really clear communication throughout.

Richard Fraser (Surrey)

Very good. I learned a lot in the two days. I feel confident enough to install my own kitchen.

Aurelio Segadas Coelho (Surrey)

Could not be better. Eugene was patient all the time and helpful. All good, thanks BTC.

Anne Keown (North Lanarkshire)

A really professional organisation. I would definitely consider doing other courses.

Natasha Dunn (Uxbridge)

Very good course! Eugene extremely knowledgeable and approachable. I was comfortable on the course and now feel confident in approaching my own kitchen fit out.

Robert Cook (London)

Thank you Eugene, I had no experience and now I have a strong grasp. Excellent course. Well structured, very practical. Office staff – super helpful and kind as usual.

Lucy Letheren (London)

Great course. Third time I have been to the centre which is very well run, friendly and well set up. Eugene was a great instructor who went at a great pace to keep everyone’s attention but not too fast.

Daniel Simpson (Surrey)

The course was superb. I was amazed at how much we covered in the days and feel confident in tackling anything kitchen fitting related now. Martin is a great teacher.

Jana Monvid (Northampton)

Always enjoy the centre – very welcoming and friendly

Samuel Aggrey Adams (London)

Very satisfied with the staff at the centre. Eugene the instructor was perfect and friendly. The location of the centre is ideal.

Stephen Codd (Lincoln)

Excellent facility, well laid out and good tools. Course was very well structured and delivered. I learnt a lot and had fun as well, always a bonus!

Chris Pohl (Hove)

Really excellent instructional tutor! Course met my expectations and areas I needed clarity on to do kitchen fitting for clients.

Clare Hepher (Berkshire)

Very impressed with the centre, organisation, staff approachability, and that there is always someone at reception. Very happy with the course, content detail and time taken to explain things and time allowed for us to practice. Very good small group size.

William Cann (Pevensey)

The course was very good and covered a lot about fitting kitchens.

Michael Reynolds (London)

Very good indeed, learn a lot.

Alex Pereira (London)

Very good! Nice place to be introduced to a trade, with the skills learned I feel much more confident to work

Robert Lonergan (London)

Another enjoyable, excellent course – Thanks to Eugene!

Richard Attridge (Tidworth)

Overall decent friendly environment, Eugene was very helpfull.

Yemisi Abisogun-Oriku (Kent)

Excellent tutor and very helpful.

Nigel Wainwright, (Wiltshire)

Martin is a very experienced carpenter and instructor. I am happy to start my kitchen now. I look forward to coming back on a carpentry course next. He is very likeable and funny which makes the course enjoyable.

Alex Pearse, (West Sussex)

Really useful. Can’t think of anything else I need to know before starting a simple kitchen installation.

Razvan Botezatu, (London)

Everything was great. Martin the instructor knows how to teach even for those with n carpentry background.

Wes Gurung, (London)

This is my third course with the BTC and I am very satisfied with the whole course content. The Instructor was very helpful and did his best to teach within two days. We had access to all the tools and materials for the job.

Max Ridler, (Surrey)

Really good course, covered everything I was hoping for. All necessary equipment was available and everything was very simple and straight forward. Enough time was taken to explain anything we needed explaining.

Kateryna Mozgova, (London)

Extremely practical and useful. I can already see how the course is going to add to my ability to tackle my kitchen fitting and overall renovation project.

Ram Gurung, (Dorset)

Very very impressive, more than expected. Training facility was excellent and within commutable distance.

Patrick Tierney, (London)

Very well run course. From instructors guidance and putting students at ease in a new environment and building confidence in new tool usage. Staff all very friendly and helpful.

Mark Jones, (Bristol)

Very positive experience. Well structure and content was well explained (and re explained) if attendee was unclear. John very positive and patient. Thank you. Very useful.

Nathalbert George, (London)

The centre has and operates with high standards and the staff members are very receptive to your needs and safety.

Altaf  Shaikh, (Surrey)

This is my third course here and as always am very impressed with the organisation and hands-on approach. John the teacher was an approachable, knowledgeable and great teacher. Office staff are great as always. You are guaranteed a great course.

John Steele, (London)

The centre is good with useful and clean facilities. The course was good with good teaching, good humour and achieved its goal. I was impressed with the quality of the worktop join we made!

Liam Delaney, (Berkshire)

Good course, no experience previous but covered plenty in 2 days to have good basic understanding. Martin is a really good guy.

Pete Lambert, (West Sussex)

The centre provided a great learning and working environment. All staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and more than happy to pass on tips and advise. I have fitted a few kitchens previously to this course but have learnt some valuable tips which I look forward to putting into practice. Martin explains things in a clear and logical way which is easy to understand.

Oluwole Sowunmi, (Essex)

(Plumbing course, tiling course, carpentry course)

Good hands-on training, enough material and tools to go round, pleasant instructor and good communication, neat and nice training area layout.

Vipool Patel, (London)
(roofing course, plastering course, plumbing course, electrical course, tiling course, bricklaying course)

It was a pleasure having a tutor as knowledgeable and experienced as Martin.  Please keep up the good standards.

Peter Moran, (West Midlands)
(carpentry course, tiling course, plastering course)

Came down with no knowledge or experience of building trade or tools used.  Going back with a wealth of knowledge and ideas.  Thank you.

Christine Budhan, (Surrey)
(carpentry course, tiling course, plastering course, advanced plastering, plumbing course, bricklaying course, electrical foundation course)

Yet again another fab course, with outstanding teaching. I look forward to completing my final 2 courses with John.

Nick Barker, (Cambridge)

Very Impressed. Friendly. Good size groups.

Paul Lofting, (Fife)
(roof tiling course, tiling course, bricklaying course, tiling course, plastering course, plumbing course)

Course gave a good insight to kitchen fitting and with the tips from the instructor will give a good basis to forward in my new business.

Lee Delsol, (Middlesex)
(carpentry course)

Sometimes they say “don’t do business with family”.  But with BTC I disagree.  It was a very pleasureable course & the staff were extremely helpful.  Big thanks from me to Andy.  “Stay as you are, don’t change!”.

Christine Doe, (Hampshire)
(carpentry course, plastering course, bricklaying course, kitchen fitting course)

Excellent Course – Learnt alot and picked up some really useful tips.  I liked the hands-on approach.

Angela Thomas, (London)
(plumbing course, electrical course, Part P course, carpentry course, tiling course)

Friendly tutor – extremely patient & tolerant of the ‘few’ questions that I had.  Very helpful, always took time to explain until we all understood.

Sarah Jones, (Surrey)
(tiling course, plumbing course, electrical course)

I really enjoyed this course.  All the different stages were explained fully and it was good to get hands on experience of the power tools.  The instructor was helpful and provided a lot of help.

Laura Bradley, (London)

Dave was very knowledgeable and passed this onto the class.  It was easy to ask questions as you were not made to feel stupid.  Would definitely recommend the course!!

Yvonne Watson-Ramsay, (Surrey)
(electrical course, carpentry course)

Enjoyed the course, the instructor, was very safety conscious and learned a lot from all his good tips and made the course very enjoyable as we all had a good laugh.

Patrick Owens, (Germany) – resettlement
(tiling course, advanced tiling course, plastering course)

I was very impressed by the way the centre was laid out and the course was run.  The instructional ability of the instructor was outstanding.  Although I have fitted a few kitchens, the tips and tricks by John were very helpful.

Virginia Chan, (Hertfordshire)
(tiling course, plumbing course)

Centre has good facilities.  Course was good starting point for kitchen fitting.  Good range of tools to try.

Andy Johnson, (London)
(plumbing course, plastering course, electrical course)

Excellent course, John (tutor) was great – friendly and very helpful and patient!!  I think these courses are great value for money!!  Already booked a package of 4!!

Kevin Luetchford, (Kent)
(plastering course)

Course was excellent.  Learnt everything expected.  Instructor was great, answered any questions and showed detailed instruction.

Lloyd Brackett, (London)
(electrical course, plumbing course, plastering course)

A very good course, also as usual, very intuitive and enjoyable.

Craig Townson, (Lancashire) – resettlement
(plastering course, electrical course, tiling course, plumbing course, bricklaying course)

Excellent hands-on instruction and power tool instruction.

George Howie, (London)
(carpentry course, tiling course, bricklaying course, electrical course, plumbing course, plastering course)

Very good.  To the point and well taught.

Richard Rothon, (Surrey)
(electrical course, plastering course)

High standard, as always.

Billy Foames, (Surrey)

Great – everything you need under one roof.

Stuart Templeton, (Buckinghamshire)
(tiling course)

Good content, good instruction.

Keith Hartwell, (East Sussex)
(carpentry course, plumbing course, plastering course, bricklaying course)

Great course, as usual.

Oluranti (Andrew) Odimayo, (London)
(plumbing course, electrical course)

Practical and straight to the point.

Vinny Howitt, (Cyprus)
(Tiling course, advanced tiling course, plumbing course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, carpentry course, bricklaying course, electrical foundation course)

Never thought we’d cover as much in 2 days! Never touched this area before, but now have the foundation skills and confidence I need to tackle my own projects, saving me a fortune!

Ian Bradley, (Berkshire)

A very good set up. The course is well set out to take into consideration the various levels of knowledge of the course members. Martin was outstanding at teaching and has an endless amount of knowledge.

Mark Diggory, (London)
(Plumbing course, carpentry course, tiling course, plastering course, 4 day electrical foundation course, Part P course, 17th Edition course)

Great course. Very indepth with a lot of information. Martin is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher who clearly knows everything about what he is teaching. A very enjoyable course.

Chris Wood, (Kent)
(4 day electrical foundation course, Part P course, 17th Edition course)

Excellent. As always not disappointed. I had no hesitation in coming back and will do so again for further training.

Shaun Harvey, (Somerset)

Very hands-on and informative, with an instructor who was totally competent and a pleasure to learn from.

Sharon Dockery, (London)

Nice size working area. Well lit – good clear instructions. Health and Safety well emphasised, danger of power tools – no question too silly either.

Joe Asmah, (Kent)

Very clear instructions. Top tutoring from John. Knowledge gained will help to establish me in kitchen installation.

Mary Flynn, (Ireland)

Another great course! John’s a fantastic Instructor. Very patient and great humour.  Made the time fly!

Wesley Clark, (Hertfordshire)

Brilliant. Staff are all very helpful. Course taught me loads. Good timings – not too fast or too slow.

Mohammad Al-Dani, (London)

Build confidence in two days!

Richard Scott, (West Sussex)

Professional, trader – focussed. Really helpful advice and clear guidance & tips.

Paul Richardson, (Devon)

Friendly staff, good hands-on teaching approach, quality tools, clean and safe working environment

Saban Demirbasa, (Kent)

Excellent as usual. Good teaching on how to install a kitchen and John is fantastic & very knowledgeable.

Marc Reed-Felstead, (London)

A great introduction to enable years of useful fixing. John was excellent in every way – imported knowledge very well.

Trevor Da Costa, (Kent)

The centre is well stocked and suitable for a hands-on practical course. The kitchen fitting course gives a good overview of the techniques and tools required to fit units. John was a friendly and knowledgeable Instructor.

Patrick Gorman, (London)

My forth course here so I constantly impressed by The BTC

Marc Dubresson, (Hampshire)

Great. Very professional yet friendly. Course was very comprehensive and provided information well beyond what is available in books/online. Really nice people.

Simon Maggs, (London)

Excellent teacher, made everything seem easy. Also very knowledgeable and cared about what he was presenting and ensuring all levels understood the content. Thank you!

John Palmer, (Surrey)

Excellent course. I learnt a lot, now feel confident to fit my own kitchen. Martin is a brilliant instructor, knowledgeable and approachable.

Marcus Smith, (Surrey)

Very useful, John is the best tutor I have had in all my training.