Testimonials from students attending Domestic Installers / Part P qualification course

Thomas McMullan, (Edinburgh)

Very happy with the facilities and teaching and feel I have learnt a lot.

Mohammed Arfan Anwar, (London)

Richard was an amazing teacher and went through the course content with no rush. He answered all our questions with a lot of patience and made sure we understood everything.

George-Adrian Solomon, (Croydon)

Really pleased with the course. Split nicely between theory and practical and enough breaks to rest your brain. Learned a lot and I’m happy with the outcome.

Alex Barkham, (Surrey)

The course was a great balance of learning and enjoyment. Richard conducted the course very well and eased any pressure to interact with the group.

Alex Kudryavtsev, (Reading)

Good course and instructors, first class as with all the courses I’ve done at the BTC, this being my seventh one with another two booked!

Jai Nandwani, (Surrey)

Richard has the perfect balance of experience & knowledge to illuminate the course contents. With a keen eye, he is ever present for helping the speedy learning.

Gary Swaine, (Surrey)

Really enjoyed the course. Found Richard really engaging and supportive and feel that I have really achieved something. I like the setup of The BTC and how they make you feel welcome.

Nathan Beer, (Surrey)

Centre was very well organised, easy to find with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Facilities and equipment were very good with plenty of spare equipment. Really enjoyed course and tutor. Thank you, highly recommend this to all. Richards patience with me/us was amazing.

Nick Kitley, (Surrey)

Very informative and Richard managed to keep it light even though parts are fairly intensive.

Lewis Jackson, (Surrey)

Richard was very helpful and I’m confident to take what I’ve learnt out into a working environment.

Graham Thurman, (London)

The course was well run and all facilities of a very good standard. Richard is obviously an expert in the field and material, and this facilitated the answering to our satisfaction of any and all questions the class posed, which has given me confidence in my understanding of the subject matter.

Jadon Bubb, (London)

The course from start is very full on but in a good way. The course allowed me to understand what I’m doing in my own work and gave me a more in depth knowledge of Part P Schemes, Inspection & Testing and overall building regulations.

Baljit Uppal, (Middlesex)

Very knowledgeable tutor and patient. Richard was outstanding and made doubly sure you understood. Friendly and professional staff. Would recommend the facilities to anyone.

Chris Tookey, (Kent)

The course was broken down into manageable modules, reconfirmed with practical elements. Hopefully the information learnt will stick with me and can be expanded upon with experience and future learning. Great centre, has everything you need.

Liam Moorhead, (Surrey)

Great course with loads of information crammed in for a reasonable price.

Colin Fenton, (Surrey)

The course was delivered to a high standard and the centre has some of the best facilities I have seen.

Martin Butcher, (Surrey)

The staff are superb. Very friendly, always greet you with a smile in the morning. Would recommend to everyone to use them. Thanks to all.

Simon Portillo, (South Glamorgan)
(electrical foundation course)

Impressed with every aspect of the training centre. The course content and depth exceeded my expectations. Weekend courses are a big help for me. The price structure allows people to select to their own requirements.

Bev Nicholson, (Surrey)
(carpentry course, plastering course, plumbing course, electrical course, tiling course)

As with all the courses absolutely great and would have no problem recommending to anyone.

Luke Johnson, (Kent)
(electrical foundation course, 17th Edition course)

Great Staff and course content and structure. Relaxed enviroment and great for building electrical confidence and compedence.

Chris Johnson, (Kent)
An enjoyable week where a small group help to give a more personnal feel. The course was delivered at a good rate with extra focus given when needed.

Christopher Wood, (Kent)
(electrical foundation course)

Brilliant!! Several courses attended, several more to go. I would not go anywhere else. Richard is just excellent and once again made the week.

Tim Southerwood, (Kent)
(electrical course)

Very good website – that got my attention and answered most questions.  Weekend availability of courses is a massive plus.

James Hall, (Surrey)
(electrical course, 17th Edition course)

Your key to success is your staff who are very professional and nice people with a helpful way = course contents was excellent and given in a friendly manner and well received.

Mark Harrison, (Somerset)
(electrical course, 17th Edition course, Inspection & Testing (2392) course, PAT Testing (2377) course, plastering course, advanced plastering course)

A very good course, well organised and structured.

Richard White, (Surrey)
(17th Edition course)

Professional, knowledgeable and they offer a good range of courses.

Sener Yildiz, (London)
(17th Edition course)

Welcoming and friendly, helpful and informative.

Corinne Tuplin, (London)
(electrical course)

Richard is a very good teacher and centre very well organised.

Mark Card, (East Sussex)
(electrical course, 17th Edition course)

Very good facilities and excellent presentation.

Peter Tilbury, (Surrey)
(17th Edition course)

Great instruction.  All other students friendly – staff great.  Course: very informative.

Kevin Waland-Hadley, (Hampshire)
(17th Edition course, Inspection & Testing (2392)course)

Very good, friendly, and well paced for all levels.

Thomas Thomas, (London)
(17th Edition course)

Very impressed from service prior to commencement and through duration of course.  I am gladly surprised at quite how much I have learnt (exam results pending!)

Jason Lincoln, (London)
(electrical course)

Very impressed with everything and will be back to do another course other than electrics and I have recommended it to a few mates, two of which should be attending soon.

Bahadar Bains, (Essex)

I very much appreciated the course, as it has given me detailed information, both on theory and practical.  I would recommend to others.

Jatinder Purewal, (Middlesex)
(bricklaying course, plastering course, electrical course)

Well structured and run.  Plenty of helpful tips.  The centre is good, have booked 2 more courses already.

Michael Hung Choi, (Surrey)

The course is well structured.  The instructor is extremely helpful, very friendly.  Overall I would say that I have learnt a great deal.

Andy Muir, (Buckinghamshire)
(electrical course, inspection & testing course)

Brilliant – loads of info & very thorough.

Keith Alvey, (Surrey)
(electrical course)

Fun, enjoyable & informative.

Robert McKinlay, (London)

Excellent.  Richard was very helpful and patient.  Great teacher.

Richard Armah, (London)
(electrical course, 17th Edition course)

Well organised and set out.

Robert Frey, (Teddington)
(inspection & testing course)

Excellent course and trainer.  I would recommend it to others.

Les Lismore, (Surrey)
(bricklaying course, carpentry course, plumbing course, plastering course, electrical course, 17th Edition course, PAT Testing course, I&T (2392) course)

Excellent.  Well conducted, informative and enjoyable.

David Osborne, (Essex)
(electrical course)

The ‘Part P’ course was very enjoyable after doing the 4 day foundation which helped me move forward with my ‘Part P’.  The advice given to me to do the courses this way was spot on.

Roland Taasin, (London)

Have attended foundation electrical course and Part P course. Both courses have been delivered to an excellent standard. Staff are amazing (so helpful and kind). Looking forward to doing more courses in the future.

Andrew Daykin, (Essex)

First attended your foundation course on a recommendation. Have now returned to do my Part P and will be back again for further training. Centre is excellent, as are staff and training provided. Would recommend to others.

Steve Barrett, (Surrey)

The electrical foundation course completely prepared me for the Part P course. Both were taught by Richard who was brilliant and as a complete novice to electrics I have now passed first time and feel completely confident in what I’ve been taught.

Ian Warren, (London)
(Electrical Foundation Course)

Good Set up. Location easy to get to. Buildings warm and amenable.

Steve Cox, (London)

Staff at all times have been friendly helpful and professional.

Martin Cook, (Surrey)

Tutor was brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble and enjoyed the banter!

Ian Jenks, (Herts)

Great friendly and very knowledgable. Consideration is taken for all learning needs.

Richard Follett, (Surrey)

Great staff and relaxed atmosphere. I’ve felt that I have always had backing from the teachers and would come back, 100%.

Duane Morris, (Warwickshire)

The centre has provided a brilliant course covering all aspects that I needed to know so I can start on my road to being a fully qualified electrician.

MD Alauddin, (Essex)

Really interesting and the course does provide a very good knowledge in electrical in just 5 days.

Wayne Hughes-Sparrow, (Hertfordshire)

Same as last course – cannot fault anything at the BTC – the course, the staff – excellent again.

Mark Quirke, (Middlesex)

As always the centre & course have been excellent.

Nicolas Laurent, (London)

Excellent – both informative and enjoyable. Balance of theory and practical makes it a great experience.

Matt Freeman, (Kent)

Excellent. Greta Instructor. Very patient and clearly explains all subject matter. The centre has excellent facilities and friendly and helpful staff.

Robert Harvey, (Surrey)

I enjoy doing courses at this centre as you get all the help and re help required until you understand the information and also encouraged to ask questions if unsure.

Alexandre Hashem, (London)

Very satisfied with the course. Richard is amazing. He really makes sure you understand what was needed.

John Parker, (Surrey)

A good course, well delivered by knowledgeable staff using practical experience.

Tom Hewlett, (Surrey)

Great centre for the course. Excellent instruction and very patient teaching.

Hilary Muzingo, (London)

Good value for money, easy to get to (Great transport links nearby), great facilities, staff and instruction.

Dwayne Brown, (Surrey)

Richard was a very knowledgeable trainer, which made me feel at ease as I have little experience in this industry. The location is fantastic, the price is reasonable and I will be looking forward to continuing my next step here.

Andre May, (Surrey)

Well organised and structured course led by informative and accommodating lecturer.

Taryn Hauritz, (Surrey)

Brilliant, like all the courses I have done so far. Richard is a really good instructor and the structure of the course was excellent.

Jonathan Hills, (Surrey)

Very good. This is the 3rd course I’ve done here and I have enjoyed the experience of learning new skills. Staff are friendly and helpful.

John Quirke, (London)

Great course, very well presented and topics made easy to understand.

Alex Tuckett, (London)

Instruction is very thorough and systematic. Good to have so many opportunities to ask questions and discuss.

Scott Mulligan, (Wiltshire)

Very happy with course so far. Each weekend compounds what was learnt previously and makes sure it is all learnt and held on to.