Testimonials from students attending foundation plastering and foundation skimming courses:

Anthony Caren, (Essex)

This is my second course here – I will keep recommending it – The team are great and pitched at the level I need to get on! Thanks ūüôā

Richard Woodhouse, (Tunbridge Wells)

Another thoroughly enjoyable and informative course.

Nick Collingburn, (Surrey)

The centre provides a great place to learn and make mistakes as you learn new skills. Billy was brilliant in his instruction and in demonstrating the skills we all hope to achieve. This has been a great confidence builder and indeed a break from my day job!

Reverend Jon Hutchinson, (Berkshire)

The centre does just what I expect – a site/classroom. Billy Cunnett was terrific fun and so knowledgeable – it was easy to work with him and ask questions. I would recommend anyone to give it a go with his help.

Rene Trotman, (London)

After attending the centre I now have a better understanding of plastering and now feel very confident to go out into the world and fend for myself. Very helpful instructor and down to earth. Best 4 day training I’ve ever attended. Office staff went the extra mile to make sure we knew what we were doing.

Andy Kollmann, (London)

Very tidy, neat and organised. I would recommend this course to anyone willing to pick up a new trade. Billy has done an amazing job, 5 star all day.

Davide Anastasia, (London)

Course was very well instructed, with plenty of positive useful tips. The centre made me feel at home from the beginning.

Tron Augustin, (London)

Good course, the instructor (Billy) made it very pleasant and explained everything in a way so it was easy to understand it all. Great stuff!!

Mark Parry, (Surrey)

Great. Facilities were exactly what I needed. Billy is an excellent instructor and I think I have learnt a lot in the week. I would never have had the confidence to skim a ceiling before. Now I feel much more confident and competent

Francis O’Connor, (Kent)

The centre was easily accessible with very good equipment/materials and tools available and excellent tuition and explanation of each lesson content.

Emily Lumb, (London)

Well organised, Easy to follow instructions, All the tools available and well organised to make everything simple.

Marc Johnson, (London)

Very professional, lovely staff, Sophie was very patient and helpful. Enjoyed it and will be back for the second module. Excellent week.

Christopher Ball, (London)

This is my 3rd time at the centre. Amazing experience, helpful staff and very friendly atmosphere. Would definitely recommend doing a course here. 5 stars!

Adis Le, (Surrey)

Justin very accommodative¬†and helped a lot to give solutions. Explaining difficult terms/jargon well. Many thanks Justin, it’s been fun time for me to learn new skills.

Mick Purser, (Surrey)

Excellent week. A huge amount of work done in the time given. Amazing value for money. Justin our instructor 10/10, incredibly knowledgeable and good fun to work with.

Jonny Clapham, (London)

The centre, facilities and staff are fantastic. Justin really broke down the foundations, basics and steps of plastering from the beginning. Staff are always open to questions and cater for all abilities from experienced trades people to DIY-er’s. A really thoroughly enjoyable and useful course. Boosts your confidence massively.

Steven Lock, (Sevenoaks)

The course was very interesting, fun and informative. I felt I learnt more than I was expecting and Justin is a great teacher.

Ignacio Niemeyer, (South London)

This is the 3rd course I attend at the BTC and I always happy with the venue and staff.

Bron Plaskowski, (London)

Course and facilities were both excellent.

Craig Webb, (West Sussex)

Couldn’t recommend it highly enough, Sam the teacher was awesome, cannot speak highly enough of the place and the people working there.

Michael Hateley, (Northants)

Even better than I anticipated, Sam was excellent and explained things thoroughly, demonstrated clearly and gave good encouragement. Facilities & equipment top class.

Alec Kilbride, (Surrey)

Awesome. Good training centre. Great vibe. Much better than competitors.

Victor Odum-Jones, (Lewisham)

I am very happy with the process and the instructor I felt like I have been training for 2 weeks based on the knowledge I gained on the course.

Daniel Riches, (London)

3rd course I’ve attended here, and the facility’s are brilliant. The plastering course was very good and Justin was excellent! He was very knowledgeable and explained things clearly.

Jackie Batten, (London)

Really enjoyed the course. As a complete beginner I was taught appropriately + I feel confident to start small projects at home. Worried about attending as an older female but was treated well + fitted in.

Liam Cooper, (London)

Really good course I learnt all that I need to go off and have the confidence to be a plasterer. Thanks to Justin hes a mastered teacher.

Helen Groves, (West Sussex)

Fantastic. Hard work but so interesting. Perfect pace but also much more ambitious than I anticipated. Would highly recommend to anyone including those who haven’t even hammered in a nail before. Sam is the perfect instructor.

David Pollon, (Surrey)

Very professional. A perfect introduction for someone with absolutely no experience. Nobody is left behind. Elaine (my instructor) is a credit to The BTC.

Anousha Misthry, (London)

Absolutely loved the course. I never felt intimidated or judged as I think some women might have that idea before coming. Everyone is so lovely, friendly and professional. Neal was brilliant and helped me so much. I learnt loads! Thank you.

Phillip Evans, (London)

The course was brilliant and Neal so patient as a teacher. I honestly didn’t think I’d leave here being able to do nearly as much as I can now. Top marks to Neal!

Richard Taylor, (London)

Great. I attended 15 years ago and used the plastering skills for a good few years. Having lost confidence I decided to return for a refresher, which has proved very worthwhile Рlots of great, really useful skills, tips and tricks.

Salah Boulaam, (London)

When I started the course I knew nothing about plastering. What I achieved in the 4 days intensive course was amazing.

Brian Rowan, (London)

I had a great time. I have been in the building industry most of my life and feel I learned a hell of a lot in a short period of time. Justin is an ace trainer – thanks for a great week.

Tim Fairlie, (Gloucestershire)

Very convenient location to get to. Well thought out work space. Useful that tutor asked what each student wanted to achieve at the start of the course and was asked to tailor the examples to our specific requirements.

Dom Huddart, (Surrey)

Good centre, plenty of space and equipment. Good knowledge from instructor.

Matthew Prior, (Hampshire)

Neal is truly an encyclopedia of plastering knowledge. He made me feel totally welcome, explained every step of every task clearly, and perhaps most importantly, has made me feel confident enough to do the plastering I need to around my own home. This course has been worth every penny.

Mike Wells, (London)

I’ve been looking for something like this for years and I’m delighted with the course. It was excellent and i’ll be back for more soon.

Jenny Ehrenzweig, (London)

It was excellent – I feel confident that I can undertake plastering projects in my home now. It was useful but also great fun! Everyone was lovely.

Adam Ibrahim, (Middlesex)

The centre had all of the facilities you need on site. Equipment was set out well and Neal was a very good instructor.

Craig Hanson, (Kent)

Excellent centre and course. Justin is an excellent instructor. Taken from complete novice to being comfortable and confident to take on plastering tasks at home. An excellent beginners course.

Daniel Alexandrou, (London)

Very impressed with every aspect of the course and staff. Great atmosphere and brilliant tuition. Justin is a top tutor and person.

Simon Hamilton Ritchie, (London)

After home maintenance, I got a discount on 4 courses – plumbing, tiling, carpentry and plastering. All the courses had a great instructor and packed in a lot over the 2 weekends, but still allowed plenty of time for asking questions on home projects as well as the tasks that we were doing. I would highly recommend attending the centre.

Chris Jones, (Hertfordshire)

All excellent. Perfect balance of instruction and practical demonstrations from Justin.

Mark Palmer, (London)

As always, welcoming and inclusive. The course was informative and well planned. Justin was extremely cheerful, an expert and patient. Excellent instructor.

Ken Cheung, (London)

Great, worth the time and money. Good to have hands-on experience. Read and watched a lot but practice gives confidence.

Josh de Ath, (East Sussex)

Good course and facility, hands on experience and a nice pace to the course. Felt like we learned a lot in the 4 days, but also got a chance to spend a lot of time getting valuable hands-on experience with different aspects of plastering. Neal was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Phil Sutterby, (Wiltshire)

Very well delivered by Justin. Able to keep all skill sets moving forward. I’ve¬†watched videos and tried it and coming here has taught me so, so much more. Worth every penny.

Mhairi Brown, (London)

2nd course at centre. Still professional and well run. Tutor very keen to ensure achievement regardless of the starting point.

George Collins, (Surrey)

Loved it. Very informative and learnt too much! Teacher and mentor, Justin, was brill – Top Marks! All round fantastic.

Stuart Clark, (London)

Really good course, seemed to cover all that I needed to know. Good facilities. Felt confident to continue to plaster in real world.

Kayse Giama, (Kent)

Great course for beginners, I couldn’t¬†believe what I have achieved in a short period. I am very confident I will be able to do plastering without any difficulties.

Marie Knight, (Berkshire)

Great Centre. Well equipped¬†to accommodate all types of courses. Fantastic plastering course. Really enjoyed it and sorry it’s come to an end. Great teacher. Addressed all my questions and concerns. Very vigilant on Health & Safety. Brilliant, brilliant course. Loved it. Super teacher. really friendly people at the reception desk. Very welcoming.

Ian Ludlow, (Kent)

Very informative, lots of tricks of the trade. Gave me a good understanding of the skills needed and Justin helped me develop these skills throughout the course.

Diego Fenaroli, (Surrey)

The course was simply beautiful. It is definitely going to help me with my home renovations. I believe the small tips on how to work / handle the tools, make the course extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend the course to both beginners and people with a little bit of experience.

Dennis Sawyerr, (Kent)

It was good. Neal was a good teacher. He understood how to tailor his messages to different students. I do recommend him.

Myles France, (Hertfordshire)

Well located centre with excellent facilities and professional instructors. Elaine was fantastic with a great depth of knowledge and skill that created a relaxed learning environment.

Jim Collins, (Hertfordshire)

Very impressed with the centre and the course. Well structured. Learnt much more than I hoped or expected. Elaine was excellent.

Fabio Randolfi, (Surrey)

Brilliant week. Having never done anything like this before, to see the results at the end of the five days was amazing. Loved the fact it was you doing all the work with professional coaching and advice from Elaine.

Rajen Mistry, (Surrey)

Excellent! Very good training. Elaine is a very patient teacher, friendly, helpful and knows what she is talking about. Value for money, worth it.

Philip Aish, (Surrey)

A good introduction to plastering. Elaine was very knowledgeable and helpful. I thought plastering would be hard but the course is run at a good pace and I am pleased with what I have learnt.

Daniel Christopher, (Surrey)

The centre was in a good location and easily accessible. The course and Instructor were fantastic. I was very happy with the standard I achieved at the end of the course. Elaine, the teacher was highly experienced and knowledgeable and very happy to help in any way. Highly recommended.

Catherine Howe, (Essex)

Excellent, really good hands on training and support and advice at every stage. Also great tips from all of the team at the centre

Billal Ghafoor (Middlesex)

Very easy going, instructor taught very well, facilities were efficient in providing a good understanding of different scenarios. Also was very good using different plastering materials and tools

Paul Carroll, (Middlesex)

Fantastic, very impressed with the level of tuition and professional standards set by Justin and the rest of the staff

Kerry Akif, (Surrey)

Centre was very good. Very impressed with the course and centre. Learnt a lot. I was a bit apprehensive being a girl before coming, but wasn’t a problem at all!

Michael Cornish, (Devon)

Brilliant course, good banter and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

James Gilpin, (Surrey)
(bricklaying course, roof construction course, carpentry course, plastering course)

Great course. Well explained. Dispelled myths surrounding plastering. 

Jon Cooper, (Surrey)
(kitchen fitting course, carpentry course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, 4 day electrical foundation course, tiling course, bricklaying course, advanced tiling course)

I have always enjoyed the courses I have done here. Centre is very professional and friendly.

Winston Comrie, (Surrey)
(plastering course, advanced plastering course)

As usual, everything was exceptional. Even missing a day to ill health I still felt as if I didn’t miss anything. My hat off to the staff and again a big thanks to Dave’s expertise on the subject. Hope to see you all on my next course.

Tony Morrison, (Kent)

I throughly enjoyed the course and found it really in depth for a beginners course. Dave the tutor explained everything in simple terms easy enough for everyone to fully understand.

Pat Hunte, (Wiltshire)

I felt that the course gave the student confidence to pursue a probable new career.

Jason Cohen, (London)

Incredible friendly and genuine instructor (Dave) and the office team (Andy, Elaine, Richard & Sally) really nice and kind, and very informative. Really great course taught fantastically well.

Philip Goss, (Surrey)
(carpentry course, plumbing course)

In brochure it does say on completion of the course you will have a good knowledge of the practical skills of plastering.  I feel I have accomplished that on the course.

Rob Cummings, (Kent)

Excellent overall impression. Good course. Good centre for facilities. Friendly / helpful instructors and staff.

Bonaventura Apicella, (Surrey)

Sam. the instructor, made sure he covered everything over and over. He answered everybody’s questions and he was always helping when anyone got stuck. It has been a fantastic and pleasurable experience with a good finish. To cram years of experience in 5 days is no easy task. Sam did it well.

David Waddle, (Devon)
(bricklaying course, carpentry course, plumbing course, tiling course, kitchen fitting course, electrical foundation course)

Well worth the visit. Great to be offered after care advice.

Mark Malpus, (Surrey)

Excellent for the novice and a good grounding in the essential skill for basic plastering.

Moses Enyioha, (Surrey)

Educative, parking availability, by station if arriving by public transport, helpful staff and instructor. Friendly atmosphere, well structured course.

Andrew Bowles, (Hampshire)

Easy to get to from South Coast and free parking around the corner a bonus.  Centre was clean/tidy and concentrated on health and safety issues at all times.  Course and tutor was excellent.

Robin Pickett (London)

I found the centre a very happy and fun environment and the course interesting, informative and thorough.  Thank you very much.  Recommended by a friend of a friend.

Suraj Indar, (London)

Professional; friendly; covered extra information not included in course.

Nigel Baker, (Gwent)

Impression of course very good, building clean and tidy, learnt a lot, very good instruction.

Irreje Khan, (West Sussex)

Sam is a brilliant lecturer, and very helpful.  Easy lipread!

Ahsam Aslam, (Surrey)

I was very happy with the course.  The centre lived up to expectations and I was very impressed with the way the trainer explained everything.  The course was well laid out and I was happy with what I have learned.  It was learning made easy!!!

Joseph Olorunfunmi, (Surrey)
(bricklaying course, plumbing course)

Everything was perfectly organised.  From registration to doing the actual training, there was no dull moment.  I am continuing on bricklaying from next week anyway.

Jatinder Purewal, (Middlesex)
(bricklaying course, electrical course, Part P course)

Very good.  Attended several courses.  Course was interesting and covered all needed from a foundation.

Sam was excellent ‚Äď very experienced and very patient.¬† It was a pleasure to be on the course.

Kieren Moore, (Buckinghamshire)

I booked this course on recommendation, and have not been disappointed.  Great structure, instructor very information and helpful.  Thanks Sam.

Suzanne Pegg, (London)
(plastering course and advanced plastering course)

Very good, really well paced course so you‚Äôre building up skills & confidence as you go along.¬† Very good explanations & demonstrations ‚Äď and every question answered.¬† Really friendly staff too.¬† As a woman on the course I felt really at ease and totally enjoyed it, it really gave me confidence to do it myself.

Elaine Pugsley, (Somerset)

Extremely efficiently run.  Very clear tuition from Sam.  He is a really good communicator who manages to cover the whole course whilst attending to all our skill levels.  I started the course with an open mind about whether I could improve my skills and know that I can now do a good enough job to renovate my home and plaster all the wall and ceilings.  Thank you.

Claire Olliffe, (Surrey)

Very friendly and professional.  There was always enough tools for everyone.  The course was well structured and very informative.

Gavin Olliffe, (Surrey)
(electrical course, Part P course)

The centre has all you need to go through the day and is easy to find.  The course was well run and overall good fun to do, with the bonus of learning.

Sheila MacGregor, (Surrey)

Everyone was very helpful and polite.  Facilities are fantastic.  Sam was excellent.

Marina Cresswell, (Exeter)

Absolutely fantastic ‚Äď couldn‚Äôt fault it.¬† Thanks to Sam & office staff for all extra help to make my participation whilst pregnant possible.¬† Should be able to make decent stab at baby‚Äôs room now.¬† Ta much!

Particularly impressed with the care Sally & others took to prepare detailed ‚Äėrisk assessment‚Äô for my participation on course when advised of my pregnancy (20 weeks).¬† Even allowed close parking, so if I needed quick get-away, I could.¬† At most I expected to simply sign statement saying I took course at own risk.¬† Thank so much ‚Äď exceeded expectations.

Melanie Bleach, (Hampshire)

Fantastic course and instructor.  Amazed at what I achieved and can’t wait to start at home.  Recommend to anyone to have a go.

Joanne Chapman, (London)
(tiling course, plumbing course, electrical course)

Great fun, shame we had to knock it down!!

Darren Godwin, (Middlesex)
(advanced plastering course)

Good facilities for course, staff knowledgeable and friendly.  Overall ideal for my needs.

Douglas Edwards, (London)
(plastering course and advanced plastering course)

Very good.

Accommodation ‚Äď couldn‚Äôt be better.

Ted Ashworth, (Dorset) resettlement
(electrical course, Part P course, bricklaying course, carpentry course, tiling course)

I think the course was excellent and was beyond my expectations.¬† It was intense and only 5 days but we learnt an awful lot in that time.¬† Excellent instruction ‚Äď Sam.

Nigel Coulter, (London)
(plastering course and advanced plastering course)

Fantastic course.  I can’t believe how much I learned.  Feeling very confident.  Sam was a great help.

Keith McMahon, (Surrey)
(tiling course)

Being a complete beginner I found the course extremely useful and rewarding.  The content meant it was hard work but I believe you get out what you put in.

Tony Hall, (London)

Overall I was very impressed with the course content and the instructor.  It was just the right pace and perfect for my needs.  I hope to complete more courses at the BTC in the near future.

Namil Munasinghe, (London)

The centre was well stocked with required equipment.  Instructor was excellent.  Staff friendly.  Will be booking more courses and recommend to others.

Fernando Pires, (London)

I really enjoyed this course at all!!!  I was concerned about my skills, but at the end, I’m feeling very confident, cause the course and instructor are very good!!! Thanks!!!

Miles Murison, (Surrey)

Excellent, clear, precise instruction with lots of handy hints.  Very pleased with the results I managed to achieve.

Robert Jones, (Hampshire)
(bricklaying course, tiling course, plumbing course)

I was very pleased with the course overall.  Although physically hard work, it was rewarding and I feel with more practice I have the confidence to take what I learnt forward to plaster in the future.

Patrick Owens, (Germany) ‚Äď resettlement
(kitchen fitting course, tiling course, advanced tiling course)

Very good course.  As per previous courses the instruction was outstanding.

John Blease, (Buckinghamshire)

Has a good range of subjects and a good atmosphere and friendly people.  The course has a good amount of practical and good demonstrations.

David Forey, (Berkshire)
(electrical course, Part P course, bricklaying course)

Centre and course was fantastic.  Been on a few courses now and recommend it to anyone.

David Thomas, (Berkshire)
(kitchen fitting course, tiling course, plumbing course)

Another well taught course that exceeded expectations.

Matt Moorcroft, (Staffordshire)

Very good facilities, teacher and tools

Jack Carmichael, (Surrey)

A greta follow up course to the 1st. Very informative and helpful.

Rob Burgess, (Kent)

Really impressed with the centre and friendliness of the staff. The course was great and I was amazed at how much I achieved. Lester was GREAT!!!!

Nick Dixon, (Surrey)

Excellent – Intensive and very instructive course. Any questions were answered in detail. Lester’s an excellent, patient teacher. Thought the centre was clean, friendly and informal.

Eleni Leondis, (London)

Very well organised. Teaching method excellent. Learnt so much just after 4 days. Good use of basic materials and centre good location.

Richard Brooke, (Surrey)

The centre is functional, it would be a shame to spoil it with carpet and chandaliers. The course was brilliant, good fun (and hard work)!

Colin Danneau, (Surrey)

Very friendly and polite, excellent, course gave me all information and techniques required for trade!

Neale Heffernan, (Monmouthshire)

I brought my wife and 2 daughters into the centre on the Saturday before the course and my wife commented on how clean the centre was, which reflects the professionalism of the centre and instructors. The course was very professional and Lester showed a remarkable talent for patience!

Wally Kilduff, (Kent)

Excellent facilities & instruction. Very well structured course and amazed by what could be fitted in to five days.

Louise Loving, (Middlesex)

Really enjoyed the course and loved the centre. Everybody I met was extremely friendly and helpful. The centre is well laid out and provided all necessities. The course was well taught and logically structured. Mick was extremely knowledgeable and keen to help where needed.

Mark Diggory, (London)
(kitchen fitting course, tiling course, plumbing course, carpentry course)

Yet another fantastic course with yet another fantastic instructor. The course content covered more than expected. It was great to learn rendering as well as the plastering. Mike is clearly an expert in what he does and his teaching style and way of putting things across is perfect. He was also very friendly and easy to get on with.

Gurpreet Sull, (Kent)
(kitchen fitting course, tiling course, plumbing course, carpentry course, bricklaying course, advanced plastering, roof construction)

I am happy with the course I have attended and the knowledge and understanding I have gained. My impression of the centre is that it is a professional and friendly centre.

Russ Bedson, (East Sussex)
(Plastering Course)

Worth Doing the advanced plastering course. Dave was a very good trainer.

Tim Yates, (London)

Really good. Useful, covered everything I was hoping for and more. I’m amazed with the results. Thanks very much to all – really enjoyable and useful course. Looking forward to putting it into action!

Darren Shoobert, (Kent)

Location is good for travel and shops. Centre well equiped. Dave our tutor was very helpful and a good guy.

Tony Larcombe, (Kent)

First Rate. Having been plastering at a DIY Level for 20 years, I learnt far more this week than the whole of the previous 20 years!

Stewart Harris, (Surrey)

Very informative. Lots learnt and achieved plus a good barrel of laughs along the way.

Christian Belsham, (Surrey)

Good centre, helpful staff and all round joy to be here. The course couldn’t be better! Learnt so much in the space of the week. Will be back for sure!

John Calzdari, (London)

A well stocked training centre with excellent staff and knowledgeable instructors who put customer satisfaction as their first priority.

Nigel Green, (West Sussex)

As with the plumbing and tiling another excellent course. Very good instructor. Pace of course and humorous content very good.

Sebastian Banga, (Surrey)

The centre is fantastic. All staff very cool. I just loved it. Many thanks.

Jacquie Bullen, (London)

Came in as a complete novice, learnt so much! Had loads of fun. Dave was great and now doing 6 other courses!

Phil Barbury, (Wales)

The course was very informative. Dave was very clear with his instruction and had a lot of patience. The centre is well laid out and the cafeteria was useful.

Tony Hornbuckle, (Surrey)

Very good first stage plastering course giving confidence for site work.

Adam Newby, (Middlesex)

Really enjoyed it. Well located. Clear instruction and lots of oppertunity to practice. Office staff were brilliant!

Peter Page, (East Sussex)

Great centre and a good service to all. The advanced plastering course far exceeded my expectations mostly due to Dave’s people skills. He clearly enjoys teaching, making the course a very easy learning experience along with great value for money (11/10). I would highly recommend the advanced plastering course to anyone, as it took me further than I thought possible. Many thanks to Dave and Staff.

Timothy Allsop, (Norfolk)

Dave was a great teacher and helpful. Done all in a step by step way. First course I have ever done where I enjoyed all of it. No boring bits. Time went quick and just wanted to carry on.

Tom Mansfield, (Surrey)

This was my 4th very enjoyable course and I’ll be back. The course and the instructor were first class.

Francis Gaughan, (Middlesex) – Attended the Advanced Plastering Course

Attention to detail ironed out any weakness and strengthened the philosophy of approach.

Ashley Ross, (Essex) – Attended the Advanced Plastering Course

Absolutely amazing course. Dave is a brilliant experienced instructor who has given me confidence. Thanks Dave.

Mary Flynn, (Ireland) 

Fantastic! Most enjoyable course I’ve ever attended. Learnt loads and had a good laugh as well. Dave’s a great instructor who is very helpful and very patient.

Klein Martin, (Surrey) 

The course is brilliant. Really easy to find. All the staff and students are friendly. Dave was a great teacher and I would come back for more

Ivana McLaughlin, (London) 

The course, materials, structure and instructor exceeded my expectations.

Yuan Ying Cheung, (London) 

Absolutely Brilliant! I did this randomly, but so glad I did. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

Jon Veness, (Surrey)

Excellent. Instructor, great fun and very surprised by results.

David Pascoe (Surrey)

Excellent. Just finished the last of my block of 4 courses and have found the whole experience absolutely fantastic. Will do some more in the future. All the staff and Instructors have been 1st class.

Paul Smith, (East Sussex)

Coming to the centre with very little DIY experience, I found the whole experience really good. Everyone was very professional and exceptionally helpful. Dave was an excellent instructor, went at a good pace reinforcing points along the way. He also provided excellent tips along the way.

Daniel Hall, (London)

Great experience. Centre was not ‘tight fisted’ with the amount of equipment we could use which was brilliant. Not that I was wasting any equipment but I didn’t feel held back when trying to learn.

Robert Romanowski, (Surrey)

Very good centre. Neal is a very good teacher. Very good knowledge and experience. I never did plastering before and after 1 week I’m confident and ready to re-plaster my house – that’s what I was hoping to achieve and I got it 100%.

Spencer Hannan, (Surrey)

Excellent centre and location. Very pleasant staff. Course has been excellent, paced right, tutor attention was great. Will be back.

Brad Freeman, (Surrey)

Great centre. Bays clean and ready to use. Course material was excellent as was Neal. Very good tips.

Derek Thomson, (Surrey)

Centre is very professional and fitted out with everything needed. Plastering course itself was great. Trainer was excellent. I have learnt a skill which was the point of being here – Tick!

Des Clifford, (London)

Excellent facility and the course was well structured. Hands-on approach very useful and Fun! Dave was an outstanding tutor with time for everyone.

Trevor DaCosta, (Kent)

I have enjoyed this course and it took away any fears of doing practical work. I am a DIY novice! Dave was friendly and knowledgeable – a great coach!

Arran Jagger, (London)

This is the first course I have attended. Really impressed by the centre and the trainers. I have booked the home maintenance course for my spouse. So impressed!

Grant Spencer, (Surrey)

Fantastic. Real hard work but extremely rewarding. When I started the course I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to plaster. Now, whilst I still have a lot to learn, I’m confident enough to give it a go.

Damien Dickinson, (London)

I have walked past the centre many times. My first impressions here have been fantastic. Friendly staff, and would definitely recommend a friend and attend more courses myself.

Gavin Wood, (London)

My 2nd course and still impressed with the centre, the course is very good for beginners.

Treor Dacosta, (Kent) – Attending Advanced Plastering Course

A great place to learn, friendly staff, expert tutors and good location. Third time here and it gets better every time.

Clyde Rodney, (Essex)

Very good course. Well presented and informative. Dave was a great Instructor, very patient and helpful, especially for me who is a DIY virgin! 10 out of 10.

Ian Turner, (Surrey)

This is¬†the second course I have attended and I’ve found the premises, training, equipment and general feel of the place great both times.

Matthew Ellis, (Surrey)

Very well structured courses, training bays were great. Brilliant centre.

Duke Sanyal, (London)

Very friendly and well organised centre. Course was very relevant to my current needs and very well explained and tutored. Neal deserves a medal.

Will Reynolds, (London)

Great centre and fantastic course. Very informative and fun. Will definitely be using my skills in the real world.

Anna Williams, (London)

Great. Such a great course. Neal was great. Open to questions. Learnt so much and feel confident to start my own projects at home.

Patrick Gorman, (London)

Excellent. Got more than I expected from this course. Off the back of this I’ve booked three other courses.

Carole Somerville, (London)

Two weekend splitter course to learn plastering for beginners straight into the course. Very hands on and no messing about. Good instructor, very friendly and cheerful, which created a great atmosphere that continued throughout the full course. Very willing to help and pass on knowledge.

Sam Buckle, (London)

Excellent – Welcoming staff and good value for money. Neal was superb, approachable, professional and extremely knowledgeable.

Matt Burnett, (Surrey)

Very worthwhile. Amazed at how good everyone’s plastering looked after just 4 days of tuition. Would recommend the course to others.

Amy Thelwell, (London)

Simple and easy to book online. Value for money. Friendly informative and engaging course and staff. Fun and motivating – ready to get started on own project and tempted to do more!

Ben Adnams, (London)

Excellent. I didn’t have a lot of construction/trade experience and a lot of places have a bit of snobbery and condescend if you don’t know something obvious, but you guys didn’t, I didn’t feel intimidated asking questions and Dave was really supportive.

Vincent Moutel, (London)

Very good impression. A lot of practice from start to end. I feel confident to try it myself at home now.

Lorna White, (Surrey)

The centre and the course were brilliant! Just perfect for learning a new skill. The week went so fast! Sam explained everything so well; great instructor!

Kevin Garcia, (Bedfordshire)

Neal was outstanding. His knowledge of plastering far excel my expectation of an instructors training method/knowledge.

Richard Woods, (London)

Genuinely superb…..a lot of experience of the instructor (Neal) was priceless. Challenged us when we were getting compliant (2 walls to do at once, for example) and took time to explain.

Matthew Hilton, (London)

Excellent. Sam’s an excellent teacher. Excellent set up & facilities. Excellent location near train station. Excellent syllabus and covered all the syllabus as stated on website. Good website and was important that you could see price on website.

Jason Perrin, (Surrey)

Extremely pleasant employees. Excellent course – feel inspired.

Michael Isaac, (Surrey)

Well presented course with a variety of techniques and materials. The work area/stations allowed for a lot of practice of various plastering jobs and problems that may arise in building work.

Adam Smith, (Surrey)

The plastering course was very informative, as I have never plastered I now feel confident doing this. All the staff are very helpful, Sam was very helpful & made this course fun.

Peter Lowden, (London)

Organised and efficient. Well established to provide everything needed without hassle.

Martin Haynes, (Middlesex)

Very impressed. Hands-on straight away. No time wasting. Instructor, Neal, was a mind of information.

Jonathan Crouch, (Surrey)

Greta course. Very impressed by the passion of the instructor. A genuine nice guy (Neal). Will be attending future courses.

Robert Neufeld, (London)

The centre is conveniently located and well organised. The course is extremely thorough and empowering. I enjoyed it a great deal and feel that I have learned a lot.

Simon Wayne, (London)

This is the third course I have attended and I am impressed with the professionalism and expect to return.

Felix Scott, (London)

An excellent and brilliantly run course. Very helpful in all the basics. Sam was superb throughout.

Taryn Hauritz, (London)

Brilliant! I’m impressed with how much we learnt in a short space of time. Neal was a great teacher. It was lots of fun.

George Millroy, (Surrey)

Great course, learnt a huge amount in only 4 days. Really good instructor who was patient and spent time with students individually.

Robert Luck, (Surrey)

Good set up. Nice small classes making sure that you have good access to the instructor who was very knowledgeable. Good amount of explaining but great amount of hands on practicing.

Issac White, (Surrey)

Fantastic instruction for anyone interested in learning this new skill. Totally recommend to any would be DIY enthusiasts.

Richard Townsend, (Berkshire)

Great Centre, great course. Learnt everything I expected to and more. Sam’s a great teacher.

Sam Taylor, (Surrey)

Very good, not knowing what to expect. I was impressed. The course has given me the confidence to do a job for a client.

Tony Vick, (Shropshire)

Very Good. Came slightly apprehensive having tried and failed to do some plastering before. Now confident to tackle ceilings and walls.

Emily Scott, (Surrey)

Fantastic place to come and learn. As a woman I was slightly nervous but everyone was so welcoming and kind and treated me the same as everyone else! I learnt so much and hopefully will be back soon for another course.

Rehema Gray, (Hertfordshire)

Excellent teacher. Sam is very thorough with attention to detail and much patience. He knows his stuff very well and he passed that knowledge to us in such a detailed manner.

Romaine Rubie, (Surrey)

I was very pleased with the course and the trainer. This course has given me the confidence to get into the plastering field.

Andrew Archer, (Surrey)

Very goo course – thorough tuition providing confidence and skills to take on my planned projects. Thank you Sam.

Alyson Baker, (London)

Fabulous yet again!!  So much covered and taught clearly and concisely. Feel very confident.

Rashad Fatullayev, (Surrey)

Great environment. Tutor Neal has been spot on and very helpful. Lots of knowledge sharing and the team have been great. Really enjoyed it. I learnt a lot. Thank you very much.

Simon Taylor РSkimming Course (London)

Organised, on time, no wasted time – excellent value