Testimonials from students attending foundation plumbing course

Dermot Hackett (Kent)

I already knew about BTC and what to expect as I’ve attended courses before. I found the course very informative and interesting. I will be attending more.

Joy Aston (London)

The course was better than I could have imagined – covered everything I wanted to know and way more. Really welcoming atmosphere of the BTC and everyone is so friendly and helpful!

Mark McEvoy (Margate)

Great set-up overall and the plumbing course was full of very useful information that I can apply and use to benefit my home renovation. Ryan was thorough, laid back and always answered questions clearly. Great course!

Payman Lashgari (Bromley)

Very helpful staff, not just related to my courses but all, welcoming atmosphere, great knowledge and willingness to share the knowledge. Ali made sure everyone in the class regardless of experience felt comfortable and progressed from start to finish. Ali went above and beyond to assist and help me tie in plumbing to gas engineering, very grateful.

Stacey Minton (London)

Fantastic! So much info in a way I could understand and apply. Ryan is a great instructor, and I now have the confidence to address issues that seemed impossible before. Thank you!

Steven Liu (Bromley)

Great, filled in a lot of gaps in knowledge about heating systems and picked up lots of practical knowledge about fixing common problems.

Barry Smith (Bedford)

I attended an electrical course in February and have returned mainly due to the warm welcome I previously received. The centre is run professionally, well equipped and the tuition has been well delivered and relevant. Ali has been able to convey his vast knowledge and experience in an easy-to-understand way. Thank you

Carl Whinder (London)

This is my fourth course at the centre and they have all been great. Always well organised, the courses covered a really good amount of content in the time and the trainers have been excellent.

Aiden McHugh (Yiewsley)

Great facilities with each candidate getting their own bay to work independently. Content covered was more than I expected which was great. Any further detail required was quickly advised by Ali, who was happy to give advice on anything at all.

Peter Bradley (Croydon)

Very well laid out and professional, safe and tidy. Really fun and I learnt so much. Good atmosphere which gave me confidence. Ali is a great teacher.

Amy Pautard (Cheam)

Really enjoyable, lots of practical work which I thoroughly enjoyed and the delivery of information was incredible. Ali was so friendly and helpful, I have learnt so much.

Matthieu Philippault (Beckenham)

Really professional, well organised and the content exceeded my expectations. Thank you Ali for a great week of lessons!

David Clements (Bromley)

Excellent centre with lovely staff and teachers. Very satisfied with the course. Ali is an excellent teacher.

Anthony Wood (London)

Very good comprehensive course. A good mix of demonstrations, explanations and practical work. Ali the instructor is very knowledgeable with a pleasant and clear way of explaining the details. He is also very patient and helpful in answering questions.

Neil Allcock (London)

As before, it was very good. Easy access, easy to get to, course was very enjoyable.

Kevin McArthur (London)

Excellent and easy-to-follow instructions. Course was at a good learning pace and felt confident in asking questions or asking to repeat a section/aspect. Very well maintained quality of tools. All staff encounters were polite, considerate and patient.

Laith Alswaeer (London)

Organised, fun and the trainer Ali was professional and responsive to all questions. Many thanks to him for the great training.

Mark Jones (Bristol)

Course was exactly what I wanted. It was a blend of both theory and practice. Perhaps the most impressive was having Ryan with his wealth of knowledge and practice advice. Thank you BTC and Ryan.

Craige Vollmer (Wiltshire)

Met all my expectations. I felt I learned a ton both through practical exercises and a chance to verbally help tap the experience of a professional with years behind him in the trade.

Vickraj Ramlaul (London)

Excellent centre, very well located near station and has really good workshops, friendly staff.

I thought the plumbing course was full of hands on experience, I learnt much and enjoyed the course. Gary was a very good teacher.

Robert Lonergan (Croydon)

Great centre, 4th course and coming back for more. Excellent course, very enjoyable learning experience. Gary was a great teacher, very knowledgeable, top practical tips and taught with enthusiasm and humour. Thanks for a great week.

Ryvan Morris, (Croydon)

Really appreciated Gary sharing his experience and knowledge with us as well as his sense of humour. Really learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence.

David Adegbusi, (Woolwich)

I have attended Plumbing course with the Builder Training Centre, the course was so detailed and covered all aspects of Plumbing working with even more aspects explained.

Rae Sibbitt, (Milton Keynes)

Brilliant. Covered so much, nice interactive teaching style, instructor paid attention to everyone, came away much more confident, thank you.

Tom Coll, (West Sussex)

Very well run course and taught me a lot. I was a complete novice and felt the pace and content was perfect for me. Gary is a very good trainer and clearly very knowledgeable.

Sebastian Trebacz, (London)

Brilliant content and instructor. Will definitely find the knowledge gained in the course very useful, both in my house and in investment properties. More knowledge than I expected!

Casey Tucker, (London)

Very nice place with lovely people.

Colin Rubes, (London)

Excellent pace, excellent instruction, content beyond what I hoped for. Many mysteries solved.

Wayne Turner, (London)

The course tasks were explained in detail very well by Gary. Enjoyed the practicality of the work and putting the pieces together. Gary always kept us entertained and made me laugh and smile which made it more enjoyable. Looking forward to putting my training into action.

Phil Evans, (London)

Very hands-on, which was great, and very concise which was also great. I’ve booked more courses here as a result.

Daniel Defrates, (Oxfordshire)

The course was really informative and has given me the confidence to complete a lot of plumbing tasks successfully.

Tyrell Flandrin, (Kent)

All members of staff are polite, approachable and friendly. The course was very helpful and I felt I learnt a lot of things in this short space of time. This is my 2nd course here and I will definitely return in the future to attend more courses.

Tulsar Campbell, (Kent)

Really enjoyed the course and feel I have learnt a lot. Gary is a credit to the centre and made the course enjoyable and very informative.

Liam Delaney, (Berkshire)

Really good plumbing course, small class, which helped. Gary very helpful and explained everything. Went over things numerous times with me, nice friendly guy. Happy with content.

Kevin Bridgman, (Surrey)

Thoroughly covered key areas I wanted to understand. Instructor very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Good mix of practical and theory

Daniel Epstein, (Surrey)

Everyone was very friendly. Instructor was very helpful especially for someone who has never done any DIY

Anub Varghese, (Middlesex)

Course is well laid out so even people with no knowledge at all can follow.

Chris Andrews, (Surrey)

Fantastic – best course I’ve ever done so far. Gary was very patient with all the questions. Really, really good – can’t fault it.

Tara Dawn, (London)

Gary totally fabulous, very knowledgeable and a patient teacher. Would thoroughly recommend. Thank you!

Colin Reeder, (Northampton)

Superb course. Very well structured, logical, clear and plenty of time for all tasks. Michael is excellent – friendly, clear, good control, patient (I am a professional trainer and would be happy if all my team were as good)

Manpreet Mann, (Essex)

Excellent – through, professional and lots of fun. Really enjoyed it.

Kevin Mascarenhas, (London)
(inspection & testing course, plumbing course)

This course is a must for anyone who is a homeowner.  So much of what I have learned I will be able to practically implement.  I want to say thank you to Michael, for sharing his knowledge, his patience and his good humour.

Fiona Ridley-Jones, (Surrey)
(4 day electrical foundation course, bricklaying course, carpentry course, GRP Roofing course, plastering course)

Course and tutor were excellent. Mick is knowledgeable, experienced and very patient. It was a great course and I would highly recommend it – particularly to any women who may want to learn to do their own plumbing!

Joseph Oyono, (Surrey)

My impression is that the centre gives you a package of a life time inside, but if you don’t come for the course you will not know it or discover it. Get yourself started and you’ll discover the goodness of this centre.

Andrew Irvin, (Surrey)

I have really enjoyed this course and have found it a good introduction to plumbing.  As I’ve had no previous experience in this field I found it very easy to understand and to put to practical use.

Solomon Anderson, (Surrey)

Very very good and worth the money. Learnt alot over the past week and skills to last me rest of my life.

Will Nahum, (East Sussex)

(4 day electrical foundation course, bricklaying course, plastering course)

Fantastic. Usual high standard of teaching is used here at The BTC

Robert Jones, (Hampshire)
(bricklaying course, tiling course, plastering course)

I was very pleasantly surprised with centre.  The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  Just by doing half of the 1st course I had already decided to book others.  The course was very helpful in building up skills, know-how and confidence.

Nathan Jones, (Surrey)

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thanks to the skills learned and time spent, I will now be undertaking a plumbing apprenticeship and get on the first rung of the ladder for a career I wish to further myself in.

Jason Ashton, (Manchester)

I found the tutor to be very helpful and information.  I drove from Manchester because I had heard good reviews and was very impressed.

Darren Reck, (Merseyside)
(plastering course, tiling course, kitchen fitting course, bricklaying course, electrical course)

Course was very good, surprised how much I learnt in five days.  Good teacher with bad jokes!  Before I wouldn’t have tried to fix a leaking tap, but now I’d fix it no probs and a lot more!

Jamie Hall, (London)
(carpentry course, bricklaying course, electrical course)

Great course.  Covers a lot of details & actually covers much of the NVQ2 course work.  Practical, hands-on & enjoyable.

Brenda Ormonde, (Surrey)
(carpentry course)

Don’t see how it could be improved.  I was a bit apprehensive about coming on a plumbing course and I was the only female in the class but this is one of the best courses I’ve attended and I felt part of the group.  Michael was a fantastic teacher, very patient and it was a lot of fun.

Monica Mitchell-Dale, (Kent)

As the only female on a course this week I was made to feel very welcome and did not feel intimidated in any way.  Thank you for the separate facilities.

Virginia Chan (Miss), (Hertfordshire)
(tiling course, kitchen fitting course)

Good balance of theory and practicals.  Very knowledgeable instructor.

Rebecca Ridgway, (Oxfordshire)

Should be compulsory for everyone to do it!  Really enjoyable.

Olga Lewis, (Cumbria)
(electrical course, Part P course)

Very good and informative.

Gemma Lindridge, (London)

Michael is patient, skilful and his talents for multi skilled teaching was impressive.  I loved the way he stayed calm as he taught students with different abilities.  I would like to say don’t change a thing.  Maybe give a raise in pay for this week as he worked very hard.

Andy Vasili, (Surrey)

Really enjoyed my course very much.  Think you are great company, and Michael was very good at explaining the course.

Alan O’Grady, (Kent)

Superb course which exceeded my expectations in both content and delivery.  Instructor was outstanding.

Bruce Blake, (Ireland)

Absolutely perfect.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better or a better teacher.  Mike is a fabulous guy.  Extremely helpful and cheery.  I would definitely recommend him for a raise!!

Mark Griffiths, (London)
(bricklaying course, carpentry course, plastering course, tiling course, electrical course)

Very informative course; good student/trainer ratio.

James Rouse, (Surrey)
(Part P course)

Good group, very interesting.

Janul Hoque,  (London)

Fantastic course taught in an easy to digest way.  All my questions were answered and my expectation exceeded.

Oluranti Odimayo, (London)
(electrical course, kitchen fitting course)

Very practical, well organised, with very good attention to the needs of participants.

Rob Rothwell, (Essex)

Great value for money.  Learnt what was expected and more.

Andy Fisher, (Sussex)
(electrical course, Part P course, tiling course)

A quality course which enabled you to think for yourself and to better your work during the week on gaining experience.  Instructor would always be available to help and give tips relating to his experience on what the public expect and like to see.  Great time, will be back for more!!

Robert Peear, (West Sussex)
(plastering course, tiling course, Part P course, roof construction course, carpentry course, bricklaying course, roof tiling course)

Michael was very good explaining everything in an easily understandable way, at a speed so everyone grasped the information.  Answered any question raised, very helpul.  Covered a lot in a short time.

Michael Boocock, (Surrey)
(bricklaying course, tiling course, roof tiling course, roof construction course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, electrical course)

Centre excellent.  Plumbing course was very, very fulfilling because Michael covered a huge area very effectively and with style.

Charles Edwarde, (Kent)
(kitchen fitting course, tiling course, electrical course)

The course focused on practical work from the start which made for a very enjoyable week.

Anthony Dunleavy, (Middlesex)
(Tiling course, plastering course)

3rd course I’ve attended – Fantastic as usual

Lesley Hetherington, (Surrey)

Very informative and enjoyable. The art of plumbing has been ‘dimystified’

Andrew Tulloch, (Kent)

Well laid out and easily accessable. Good learning environment and relaxed. Learnt more in 1 week than in 1 year of reading books.

Carl Johnson, (Surrey)

This is the second course I have attended and I have been impressed with both. Content and instructors knowledge is excellent and learning in a hands on fashion is invaluable. Our instructor Michael was excellent always ensuring everyone understood before moving on and allowing adequate time for questions.

Jonathan Amamoo, (Surrey)
(Plastering Course, Advanced Plasterign Course, Tiling Course, Advanced Tiling Course)

One of the best courses I have taken. Tutor showed in depth knowledge and control over the course. Very impressed.

Craig Burrett, (Surrey)
(home maintenance course, plastering course, tiling course, kitchen fitting course, carpentry course)

A well run and organised training centre. I have now completed my final course and am now confident in a large amount of building work. This course as with all the others was explained in excellent detail with any questions and problems well covered. Thanks alot. Hope to see you again.

Maria Drake, (London)

Really good course, very accessible despite the fact that I had no prior knowledge.

Simon Beer, (Surrey)

The centre looks very professional and well set up. All the tools and materials were provided to me (allowing for my mistakes!) I was suitably impressed and it exceeded my expectations!

Adam Stollery, (Surrey)

Very impressed with courses available with very good instruction from Dave. Good location of centre. All staff members welcoming.

Michael Folan, (London)

For hands-on practical teaching, I found the course excellent. Excellent instructor. I was amazed how much I learned in the 5 day course.

Elizabeth Nelson, (Surrey)

Very good pre-course information. Tutor – excellent – good sense of humour and patience. Counter staff very polite and personable.

Ravi Gooraya, (Bedfordshire)

Workshop is impressive as it has got all what a beginner needs. Instructor is very helpful. Looking forward for the electrical course soon.

Robert Belli, (London)

Course instructor is knowledgeable and comfortable responding to complex queries not necessarily directly related to course content. The small class size meant it was easy to learn a lot in a short period of time.

Jack Wheatley, (Surrey)

Very Good. I’ve been to three different college’s and this was the best. The instructor, Gary, didn’t mind how many times you asked if you didn’t understand.

Dipak Bhuwad, (Surrey)

Well equiped with training material, excellent practical training all throughout. The course is well structured and course tutor explained carefully. An excellent tutor.

Sean Ratchford, (London)

Centre facilities excellent as usual. Gary was knowledgeable, patient and humorous and answered all questions put to him. Excellent course and excellent instructor – Thanks.

Shahin Ahmed, (London)

Well this is my second course here so that says it all. Great fun and great teacher.

David Pascoe, (Surrey)

Excellent course. Good atmosphere. Very friendly. Very informative and interesting. Could not fault it in any way. First class as i have experienced with all my courses.

Hari Baskan Venuajasamy, (Surrey)

It was very helpful. The tutor (Gary) was very very good in explaining and answering all the questions we have raised. I recommend to all my friends about The BTC.

Morris Scarlet, (London)

The course was very insightful and very relevant to my future development/career. The staff have been very knowledgeable and approachable. Will recommend centre to others.

Matthew Hunt, (Surrey)

The centre is well organised with friendly staff. The course covered everything I needed and Gary was happy to answer any questions.

Cheong Lau, (London)

Good introduction to understanding basic plumbing and practical aspects of plumbing maintenance and DIY around the house.

Simon Churchill, (Kent)

Centre easily accessible, clean and well managed. Course excellent, covered all expected from website, well delivered, very informative and entertaining.

Mark Reed-Felstead, (London)

Gary has been excellent – a natural teacher able to get across the most complex ideas with patience.

Shaun Francis, (London)

The centre was well presented, yet practical. Gary – Instructor was great, taught us real life skills and confidence.

Owen Fenton, (London)

Excellent. The layout and the staff were all very helpful and clear concise in all matters.

Harrison Anderson, (London)

I really enjoyed the course. I found the tutor, Gary, to be well impressive on his plumbing knowledge. I will absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to do it.

Gavin Wood, (London)

4th course with The BTC. Once again I have learnt much and enjoyed myself thoroughly in the process. Huge thanks to Gary for his teachings!

Jon Palmer, (Surrey)

Another excellent course from The BTC. Gary is a brilliant instructor. Made the course interesting and informative. Very friendly and approachable.

Greg Hamerton, (West Sussex)

Gary was a great teacher with excellent sense of humour and kept it interesting. Very good content – quite intense and very practical.

Kerry Akif, (London)

Second time on course at The BTC. Course is very good and covers a lot.