Testimonials from students attending roof construction course

Elizabeth Wood, (Grays)

Love the centre and the facilities. Really friendly staff and trainers. The course was fantastic, John is so knowledgeable. I learnt so much more than I was expecting and surprised myself!

Tony Norvill, (Kent)

Good instruction, course content and practical experiences. Instructor helpful in giving tips and advice made a good atmosphere to learn in.

Virginie Pernthaller, (London)

I am very happy with the course, John was great and the other participants great too. The centre is very easy access from London

Lee Errington, (Channel Isles)

Totally unexpected but in a good way. Small concentrated crowds with good tuition… FANTASTIC

Oluwasegun Adenuga, (Surrey)

I was impressed by easy location of the centre close to the train station and overall health and safety awareness the intense training covered. I must confess this is one of the best training centres I have been to.

Emma Boyd, (Bucks)

Covered a lot in a short amount of time! Great to be able to recap/practice day-on-day.

Ioan Nicolae Pal, (Croydon)

Very happy with the things I’ve learnt through the course. The teacher was very, very good explaining everything to understand everything in the right way. Very happy and I’ll look to do more courses here. THANK YOU JOHN!!

Amy Zhuang, (Croydon)

Great place! The teacher went through stuff even 2-3 times as not everybody had the same level of experience. Learned more than I expected.

James Ashton, (West Yorkshire)

Very impressed with the course and the staff. Learnt so much in 5 days of the course. I will definitely be attending again.

Gillian George, (Hertfordshire)

All staff were super happy and friendly. Everything from booking to finish was very organised. The course content was spot on, we all learnt so much and can’t believe how much we did. Can’t praise the content and tutor enough.

Joshua Sutton, (West Midlands)

I was very pleased with the course. I think the printouts were very handy, the well ventilated sheltered outdoor area was nice, John was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The price was good and comparable to many one week Carpentry courses despite the roofing wood being more valuable. I was also pleased with the structure being concise, hands on, and including all the vital information.

Amandeep Hallat, (Warwickshire)

Great course learnt everything needed to go out and construct a roof, had a great time.

Ramjyoti Singh Rehal, (Houslow)

Absolutely brilliant and jolly well prepared notes and hand outs with an overall splendid presentation.

Nicholas Barrett, (Trafford)

Fantastic course very informative, John was very helpful and knowledgeable on the subject. Would highly recommend to any professional and DIY enthusiast alike.

James Mitchener, (Surrey)

Very good, clear and concise. Very detailed.

Paul De Burca, (Warwickshire)

The course was informative and enjoyable. Well worth it!

Earl George, (London)

This course absolutely met my expectations and the tutor made the course very realistic and receptive to learning. I would definitely recommend this centre to anybody. The customer service is excellent.

Tom Harvey, (Surrey)

Really enjoyed the course and it was really useful as I’m currently doing a loft conversion and John was very approachable for any questions. Amazed that this is only course in UK. Thanks John for being a good instructor.

Luke West, (Surrey)

Very impressed with the course and centre and everyone who works here.

Shaun Martin, (London)

Great course and very informative. For a 5 day course I’ve come away with extensive knowledge and fell confident to build several different styles of roof. John was a great teacher 10/10

Adam Menzies, (Middlesex)

John is a very good teacher and a very intelligent man with priceless knowledge. Would recommend to anyone! Will look to come back to learn more skills for sure!!

Tom Brindley, (Hampshire)

(plastering course, carpentry course, roof tiling course)

Fulfilled my expectations and more.  Came away very happy and confident.  Wood was a good quality.  Instructor very knowledgeable.

David Chan, (Hampshire)

(plastering course, roof construction course, roof tiling course)

The delivery of the course is exceptional. I have managed to learn and understand the principles of roofing. I will now be able to undertake my project in France with confidence. Thank you John.

Christopher Green, (Essex)

This course has been excellent. It is just what I wanted to learn, with a great price and a brilliant tutor.

Robert Peear, (West Sussex)
(plastering course, plumbing course, tiling course, Part P course, carpentry course, bricklaying course, roof tiling course)

Very good – covered a lot in a short time.  Lots of information.  Very enjoyable.

Les Lismore, (Surrey)
(I&T 2391-10 course, alarm installation course, advanced tiling course, tiling course, kitchen fitting course, carpentry course, bricklaying course, I&T 2392-10 course, plumbing course, plastering course, PAT 2377 course, 17th Edition 2382-10 course, Part P course, electrical course)

Excellent – I really enjoyed the course and was surprised how easy John made it to understand quite complex calculations.

Will Nahum, (East Sussex)
(electrical foundation course, bricklaying course, plumbing course, plastering course)

As always, a great course, well taught and well provided for. Gives a great introduction and understanding to becoming a roofing chippy.

Mark Antopolski, (London)
(tiling course, bricklaying course, roof tiling course)

Another good course. The overall helpfulness & friendliness of instructors here is very impressive. Many thanks. Have done courses in other places and they don’t compare to here.

Michael Boocock, (Surrey)
(bricklaying course, tiling course, roof tiling course, plumbing course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, electrical course)

Very good.  Learnt masses.  John made the course very enjoyable and informative.

Gary McGurren, (London)

Very good.  10/10.  Learned a lot from John.  Very good teacher.

Warren Noyes, (Berkshire)

Very good course and very informative.  Cannot improve on that.  Cheers!

Tom Kelly, (Middlesex)
(electrical course, Part P course, 17th Edition course, PAT Testing course, tiling course, carpentry course, plumbing course)

John smashing fella so are you Elaine!! (I would say sorry for getting you wet but I don’t lie!)

Andreas Andronikou, (London)
(roof tiling course)

I enjoyed the course.  Thanks to John.  He is very good and capable to transfer his knowledge in a friendly way.

Brendan Beal, (Dorset)

Thanks to John and Elaine and everyone else here for providing an enjoyable and educational place to learn new skills.

Scott Dover, (Surrey)

Good working environment, a helpful and friendly tutor and having smaller classes definitely increases the learning potential.

Paul Bolton, (Hertfordshire)

Excellent course with proper ‘hands on’ training.  Small classes which makes it easier to work and get one to one help.

Tony Frost, (West Sussex)

Great instructor, great course, and recommend it to anyone looking for an understanding of roof construction. Thanks John

Raaz Vaid, (Hertfordshire)
(roof tiling course)

Great course, very comprehensive and covered a lot more than I expected.  All backed by a great & very friendly instructor.  Thanks John all the best (thanks for the on-site entertainment!!).

Phil Sykes, (Leicestershire)
(plastering course)

A supberb weekend x 2.  Good humour, great instruction, overall a very informative and enjoyable course.

Nicole Hockey, (London)
(bricklaying course, kitchen fitting course, carpentry course, tiling course, plastering course, electrical course, plumbing course)

Tutor is a great teacher and the course is brilliant.

Susan Henricus, (London)
(bricklaying course, kitchen fitting course, carpentry course, tiling course, plastering course, electrical course, plumbing course)

I enjoy this course, especially the learn work.  Very enjoyable made lots of new friends, John our teacher, is very professional, in his way of teaching especially measuring span and the calculations of the rafters etc. Made it so simple & now I understand this.  Thanks John.

Lee O’Halloran, (Surrey)

I am very impressed with the set up of the centre and professional attitude and friendly staff. It has far exceeded my expectations.

Neil Sanis, (Hertfordshire)

Awesome! Generous spirited teaching, meeting different learning needs, covering different skill levels (I’m a beginner). Life changing experience for me. Loved the practical hands on model and what was accomplished in only 1 week.

Peter Morris, (Essex)

Excellent facilities, relaxed atmosphere, cheerful staff. Unique course which I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Stuart Croft, (Berkshire)

Overall the course was excellent and exceeded my expectations and knowledge I require for my project. This was the only course available in the South East!

Josh Tully, (Surrey)

Really impressed with the course and the tutor. I learnt so much more I could only of hoped for. Would recommend to everyone.

Tommy Power, (Surrey)

John the teacher is actually a top notch tradesman as well as a teacher. We learnt more in one day than I thought we would in the whole week.

Brian Hegarty, (Surrey)

Friendly Staff, Good Atmosphere, Clean Work Place, Good Canteen and a very informative course – Excellent!

Dave Barker, (Derbyshire)

Brilliant Course, nice atmosphere.

Stephen Rhule, (Wiltshire)

Excellent course, would highly recommend to anyone regardless of previous experience!

Kinene Al-Amin, (London)

I felt the course was excellent and will enable the novice, such as myself, to understand how roofs are constructed. I would recommend this course to my neighbours.

Adrian Hill, (Nottinghamshire)

Very impressed from the moment of arriving.

Graham Blissett, (Hampshire)

Brilliant course. Cannot believe how much I have learnt in such a short time. Ready to tackle the complete re-roof at home.

Mark Howson, (Nottinghamshire)

Exceptional – very pragmatic instruction, covered all aspects and additional questions on related issues. Approach developed a full understanding of basic subject and built confidence.

Tariq Mughal, (Lancashire)

Informative. As a novice I found course very easy to understand due to course instructors teaching approach.

Andrew Uter, (Somerset)

Outstanding – skilled, attentive, friendly instructor. Totally relevant content.

James Priestly, (Bucks)

A fantastic course, extremely well instructed in a relaxed atmosphere. All staff friendly and helpful, joining instructions informative. Found course via google, no other establishment offered such a comprehensive course.

Stephen Sheriff, (Surrey)

Centre is very clean and tidy, easily accessible. Course work was top class, John is extremely professional.