Testimonials from students attending roof tiling course

Joe Gartell, (Ashford)

Brilliant course – Eugene gave very clear instructions and explanations and was happy to give detailed answers to all questions.

Tyrone Whatnell, (York)

Very pleased with the course I have just finished. Eugene is a good teacher as he shows clearly what to do and then lets you get on with it but is always willing to help when needed.

Eric Dawkins, (London)

Instructor was very patient and definitely very experienced. Even though I am a complete novice, I feel confident that I can tackle small roof repairs etc. Eugene really built up my confidence. He was brilliant and very informative

Cameron Brown, (Essex)

Really pleased with the course, exceeded my expectations of what I could learn in 4 days. Eugene was a great teacher very happy with what I have learnt, and also very helpful with questions about real world scenarios.

Dave Salter, (Cradley Heath)

Very happy with the course. Learnt a lot and got some great tips. I have a bit of roofing experience + got what I wanted from this course. Gary was great.

Glenn Codd, (Kent)

I am very pleased with the content of the centre. One thing I will stress is how impressed I am by Gary, I have literally fired 100’s of questions at Gary and he has answered every one. His knowledge is an amazing asset. I always have questions but have struggled to find any more due to the extensive knowledge passed on by the instructor. Teaching methods were really good and I am leaving this course over the moon with what I have learnt. THANK YOU.

Abraham Shah, (Essex)

Everything from start of the course to the end has been great. Learnt more than I needed. Gary has been great couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

Perry Cawthorne, (South Yorkshire)

The centre is very well laid out and thought about throughout. Every member of staff are friendly and courteous. Tony has been fantastic, his knowledge, patience and explaining has been first class.

Daniel Eaton, (West Midlands)
Top quality from walking in the door first day to leaving on the last day. Teaching is second to none and more than helpful to explain everything. Will be back again.

Alan Moss, (West Sussex)
(roof construction course, plastering course)

Well organised, efficient and clean and tidy. Very good, interesting course with a very good instructor. BTC courses are, in my experience, very good but become very good because the quality of the instructors.

Mark Griffiths, (London)
(roof construction course, kitchen fitting course, advanced tiling course, carpentry course, bricklaying course, plastering course, tiling course, plumbing course, electrical foundation course)

This course was exceptionally well structured, explained and delivered.

 Ian Hunter (Surrey)

(roof construction course)

The centre and course are very much fit for the purpose. The teaching was well thought out and would put many university lecturers to shame.

Carol Herbert (West Sussex)

Course was fantastic. Brilliant trainer, never tired of answering questions. Gave as much help and advice that you needed and more. Loads of practical. Really enjoyed the course and hope to come back for more.

Paul Collier, (London)
(roof construction course, carpentry course, bricklaying course, Part P course, electrical foundation course)

Well organised and thought out courses. Friendly and efficient. Excellent value for money.

Michael Boocock, (Surrey)
(bricklaying course, tiling course, roof construction course, plumbing course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, electrical course)

Excellent course, well delivered and a large learning area covered.

Philip Joseph Price, (Hartlepool)

The course I thought was outstanding, and I have really learned a lot this week, and it’s half the battle when yea have someone like Tony teaching you, who is a great professional in what he does, and a fantastic teacher.  I would recommend this course to anyone.

Derek Johnson, (Tyne & Wear)
(Part P course)

Very impressed indeed.  All aspects of the centre and the course were exceptional.  I would not hesitate to recommend to others.

John Barker, (Surrey)
(carpentry course, roof construction course, kitchen fitting course)

The course I enjoyed more than I imagined and probably the best course I’ve done so far at this centre (done 4 so far).

Ian Jefferies, (France)
(roof construction course, bricklaying course, tiling course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, carpentry course, kitchen fitting course, plumbing course, electrical course)

Great – as always!

James Marshall, (Flintshire)

Found the course really informative and benefits all skills levels.  Tony was a really good teacher (very patient).

Robert Peear, (West Sussex)
(plumbing course, plastering course, tiling course, Part P course, roof construction course, carpentry course, bricklaying course)

Covered everything I wanted to know and Tony very helpful giving personal info about each job everyone in the class would be attempting in the future.

Oluyinka Adegun, (Kent)
(roof construction course, bricklaying course, carpentry course, kitchen fitting course, plastering course)

Very good.  It is up there with the best courses that I have done at the BTC.  Tony’s knowledge of all aspects of the roofing course was exceptional, and he conveyed his ideas and expertise very well.

Stephen Dawe, (Plymouth)

10/10.  If I didn’t learn anything it’s down to me.

Charles Edwarde, (Kent)
(kitchen fitting course, tiling course, electrical course, plumbing course)

The course focused on practical work from the start which made for a very enjoyable week.

Raaz Vaid, (Hertfordshire)
(roof construction course)

Great course very informative & well laid out.  A lot learned over a five day period.  All backed up by a great teacher, friendly & very clear.  Thanks Tony (all the best).

Philip Price Snr, (Hartlepool)

Really helpful, learnt a great deal and knowledge and gives me so much experience.  In the field of roofing (Tony was an excellent tutor) he was so easy to get on with and great at what he does.  Highly recommended (happy me!).

Carl Freeth, (Staffordshire)

The instructor was very helpful and professional.  I would certainly use the centre again.

Jamie Wood, (Staffordshire)

Really good, learnt a lot.  Instructor very good.


Sam Curtis-Phillips, (Berkshire)

Very good, every question asked was answered in full and all mock roofs were very good also


Daniel Siveter, (Berkshire)

Very good, great instructor, great facilities, would definately come again.


Daniel Meyer, (Berkshire)

Very good well presented, good equipment. Very good training.


Richard Wheeler, (Gloucestershire)

Very pleasant people, only too happy to help. Great hands on approach with plenty of practical work.

Frank Donohue, (Bedfordshire)

Well presented, organised and pitch perfect. Well structured course and highly informative tutor. Friendly, informative and likeable staff.

Scott Mitchell, (Lancashire)

Very interesting and very good down to earth teacher. Feel confident with the knowledge he has taught me to go and do it myself.

Mahesh Gurung, (Kent)

I feel that I am now confident and competent in tiling plain, interlocking and slate roofs. The centre was friendly and the instructor was very good at explaining things. This is going to be a very useful thing for my building business.

Jeremy Watson, (Hampshire)

Very good, impressed with the course. Feel that I could do roof tiling now. Never done this before so really pleased with how much was taught in the 4 days.

James Priestly, (Buckinghamshire)

An excellent course, superbly instructed by Tony. The pace of the course was just right. The content was interesting and well structured. I will definitely recommend the centre to other servicemen during their transition to ‘real life’. Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable week.

Rehema Gray (Hertfordshire)

Very experienced, articulate and readily passed on knowledge to us. Tony was great! I learnt a lot in only 4 days. I would 150% recommend this course to anyone.