Testimonials – Tiling Course

Testimonials from students attending foundation tiling course and advanced tiling course

(additional courses attended at the BTC are in brackets)

Simon Taylor, (Surrey) – (Tiling foundation & Advanced Tiling Course)

Well run course, good pace and excellent practice on more intricate cuts.

Michael Adedeji, (Kent)

I attended the tiling foundation course led by Kevin, who is a brilliant instructor. He made everything look really easy, the delivery of the course is brilliant. The location is good, easy to locate. Overall I will recommend this to others.

Liz Bridgman, (Surrey)

Excellent course. Surpassed expectations! Enjoyed very much, as well as acquiring a new skill.

Daniel Moloney, (London)

Very impressed with the centre and the course as a whole. I came back after doing bricklaying and will definitely be back again.

Will Carne, (London) (carpentry, kitchen fitting, plastering, 4 day electrical foundation, plumbing)

Excellent again; good tools, great tutor, lots of practical work – and fun!

Marc Dubresson, (Hampshire) (Kitchen Fitting, plastering & plumbing)

Excellent.  That’s why I keep coming back! Ready to tackle my own jobs

Robert Farr, (West Sussex)

Kevin is very friendly and knowledgeable tutor. I cut my finger and Elaine was very helpful in dressing it.

Matt Bishop (Surrey)

Great Centre, fantastic course, and Kevin is an excellent instructor. I feel I have learnt a lot and completing this course has increased my confidence in tiling.

John Edge (Surrey)

My overall impression of the Centre was excellent. The course was well presented, relaxed, fun and informative. Our course tutor, Keven, was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

Garry Fogarty, (Middlesex)

Left feeling confident about starting job next week.

Chris Johnston, (London)
(plumbing course, electrical course, plastering course)

In all my resettlement course has been outstanding.  The tuition has been first class throughout.  I have already and will continue to recommend the courses at BTC to friends & family.

Kenneth McCutcheon, (Renfrewshire)
(carpentry course)

Having come from a non-skilled background, this centre provided exactly the expertise I needed to learn new skills.  I was totally impressed by the wide layout, including the ease of finding the centre.  I would definitely return.

Anthony Watson, (London)
(bricklaying course, plumbing course, plastering course, kitchen fitting course, carpentry course)

Great, good quality teaching, good facilities with friendly staff. Your back up helpline service is a great idea and I shall be using.

Neale Heffernan, (Monmouthshire)

Centre is very good. I found tiling a deep learning curve as it was a brand new subject but the instructor’s patience was ground breaking.

Brian Higgins, (Fife)
(tiling course and advanced tiling course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, roof tiling course, roof construction course, kitchen fitting course, carpentry course, plumbing course, bricklaying course)

I’ve learned a lot more than I had expected to on a 5 day course, by doing it rather than just being shown or talking about it.

Christopher Kenward, (Middlesex)

Very impressed with the information I have gained over the 5 days.  It’s a very interesting place to learn skills – far better than attending a college.

As I am deaf, I felt I got the answer and the skills I was looking and expect for.  Brilliant hand-out information.

Virginia Chan, (Hertfordshire)
(plumbing course, kitchen fitting course)

Good facilities, knowledgeable staff.  Course had ideal amount of practical content.

Robert Jones, (Hampshire)
(bricklaying course, plastering course, plumbing course)

Very pleased, having a basic knowledge and experience of tiling before I was pleased to pick up new tips and skills.

Philip Jackson, (Surrey)
(electrical course, plumbing course)

Excellent.  I am looking forward to the advanced course.

Michael Boocock, (Surrey)
(bricklaying course, roof tiling course, roof construction course, plumbing course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, electrical course)

A very good course which was well delivered.  All questions were answered.  I enjoyed the course and would like to do the advanced course.

Anil Kanabar, (Essex)
(bricklaying course, carpentry course, plastering course, plumbing course, home maintenance course)

I found the course provided training at my level to get confidence in undertaking a basic tiling job.  The centre has all the facilities needed for ‘building’ training.

Kenvil Williams, (Surrey)

The tiling course was excellent!!  Michael is a very ‘good teacher’.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone I know.  The centre is well kept and the staff are really friendly and polite.

Vicky Jones, (London)

Everyone I have come into contact with has been very helpful and friendly.  From the point of my enquiry to attending and accommodating me onto the second part at a later date.  My overall impression is very good and the approach is pitched at the right level.

Olamide Idowu, (London)

The centre is well located; closeness to a rail station makes it accessible to everyone.  My course has given me opportunity to forge ahead with my planned career in tiling.

Bob Bradley, (London)

Very convenient location.  Excellent course – clean, professional, friendly staff.  Shaun was very knowledgeable and patient.

Darren Muir, (Kent)
(carpentry course, kitchen fitting course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, bricklaying course, inspection & testing course, 17th Edition course, plumbing course)

Again, overall very pleased with course instructor and course content.

Anthony Chase, (London)

Good, delivers what is advertised and a little more, thanks.

Thomas Griffiths, (London)
(plumbing course, plastering course, carpentry course)

Very focused and simply laid out.  Learned all the essentials in order to tile many areas.  Mike very knowledgeable.

Darryl Malkinson, (Middlesex)

Very efficient, and organised.  Course itself very informative and well executed.

Philip Jackson, (Surrey)
(electrical course, plumbing course)

Excellent.  I am looking forward to the advanced course.

George Gregan, (Southampton)
(carpentry course, plumbing course, plastering course, bricklaying course, roofing course)

Very well run and structured course, useful tips.  Excellent use of materials.  Hands-on. Enjoyable atmosphere to work in.

Michael Dada, (Kent)
(electrical course, inspection & testing course, kitchen fitting course, plumbing course)

The Builder Training Centres is doing a fantastic training for all that require a good trade.  Please more advert for other searching for this kind of opportunity in life.

David Thomas, (Berkshire)
(kitchen fitting course, plastering course, plumbing course)

Mike is an excellent teacher and will answer any related questions and will offer advice for home projects.

Peter Moran, (West Midlands)
(carpentry course, kitchen fitting course, plastering course)

Another interesting course.  Well scheduled and particularly well taught by an informative tutor.  Thank you.

Stuart Atkinson, (Buckinghamshire)
(tiling course, bricklaying course)

Once again a joy to attend the course here.  Look forward to the next one.

Ashlene Millard (Surrey)
(plumbing course, plastering course, 4 day electrical foundation course)

Great! Very informative. All of my courses have been fab and I’ll be back. Thanks Shaun!

Vinny Howitt, (Cyprus)
(kitchen fitting course, tiling course, advanced tiling course, plumbing course, plastering course, advanced plastering course, carpentry course, electrical foundation course, bricklaying course)

Centre – Excellent. GOT to be best around!!  Course – Loved every minute of it, learned a lot, tips, tricks etc. Great Office Team.

Warren Legon, (London)

I found the course to be very good. I have enjoyed it from day 1 to day 5. I will recommend this course to my employer.

Bonaventura Apicella, (Surrey)

I have enjoyed the course. The instructor was patient and not only very helpful, but also very clear. I cannot praise him enough. He’s given us so much info and practical skills like a true pro.

Suraj Gurung, (Hampshire)

Very helpful staff. Did manage to get on course on last minute. Credit goes to the staff. Course was very full of knowledge. Slow pace but instructor Shaun was very helpful and guided me in every step. Got lots of tricks & tips of the trade. Really enjoyed the week.

Victoria Pierce, (USA)

Excellent. There is no establishment like this in the US.

Francois Briatte, (London)

Really well organised and laid out facilities. The course is intensive but pitched at the right level. I feel like I learned an awful lot and received all the support needed.

Tim Gibbs, (Surrey)

Another great course. Feel confident to go ahead with future projects. Shaun provided a wealth of tips and relevant anedotes and his healthy eye for perfection has rubbed off!

Alex Pembury, (Wiltshire)

I was impressed with the course and the centre. I have now signed up for 3 more courses as a result. Value for money was great

James Ho, (Middlesex)

Excellent course and facilities. Very relaxed but professional.

Clare Dean, (London)

Very good! Learnt not only how to complete each stage but why certain techniques are better than others. Confidence levels have risen from 1 to 10!!

Dipak Bhuwad, (Surrey)

I was impressed with the high standard of training I received from Shaun. He was very helpful and explained if I became stuck on something.

Richard Murphy, (Hertfordshire)

Very Impressive. Well run and professional. Good content on course in an easy to follow plan.

Laura Marshall, (Hampshire)

Excellent – really well taught. Clear and easy to follow. Was able to learn and understand quickly. A lot of areas covered and feel as though I have learnt a lot.

Steven Allen, (London)

Great centre facilities and course. Definitely considering coming back for the advanced tiling course.

Richard Boak, (West Sussex)

Third course here. Once again it has been very well run and enjoyable.

Mary Jones, (London) – Advanced Tiling

I was apprehensive about attending the advanced course. However, it reiterated everything I had learnt on the foundation course. Shaun was excellent as usual. I would highly recommend that everyone on the foundation attends the advanced as it is the “Icing on the cake”. Many Thanks.

Graham Snarey, (Berkshire)

Course was ideal for me and covered practically everything I wanted to learn. The centre seemed very professional and I liked the set up. Having your own bay to work in was good. Also liked the fact that it was all practical work as opposed to sitting down note taking on subjects, as was the case at a training centre more local to me. Tutor was also very knowledgeable and patient.

Helene Netland, (Middlesex)

Friendly and helpful staff at the centre. Convenient with seating area close to work area. Instructor very knowledgeable and keen to pass on advice and helpful hints. I have learnt a lot on this course and feel ready to take on a couple of tiling projects at home.

David Pascoe, (Surrey)

I’ve already attended the kitchen fitting so I was aware of the centre. It is very well organised. The course has been excellent and I can now do something that I could not do before. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. The course was very informative, well structured and very well explained. Shaun was an excellent teacher and explained things fully.

Jonathan Veness, (Surrey)

Shaun was an excellent instructor. Patient and methodical.

Mark Stattersfield, (East Sussex)

A professional set up. Very happy with the course and have come away feeling confident I could tile a wall to a decent standard.

Jonathan Atkins, (London)

More than satisfied with the centre and facilities. I enrolled on the course to complete a bathroom re-tile. I have finished feeling 100% confident about completing the project.

Laetitia Rodger, (West Sussex)

The centre is well placed with amenities all around. People of the centre are helpful – Ofiice & Instructors. The bays for tiling are practically laid out and nice to work in.

Matthew Michael, (West Sussex)

Clean, straight forward facility with good advice on parking. Course was more in depth than expected and I was impressed with the overall amount that was learned.

James Trafford, (London)

Superb. Fantastic instructor and an impressive amount of content learnt. Looking forward to coming back for a separate course.

Mark Witham, (Southampton)

Very Good. I did a 180 mile round trip each day but it was worth it!

Jonathan Trafford, (London)

Fantastic. All very welcoming. Thought out, thorough and professional course. Shaun always aims to answer questions, even if asked same question.

Mike Edozie, (Surrey)

Enjoyed the course, really learnt a lot. The centre was good, has to be as I keep coming back.

Mario Longondjo, (Surrey)

I was impressed. I didn’t know anything about tiling before coming here. Now I have a clear idea of what it is like tiling.

Laetitia Rodger, (West Sussex)

Love the centre for it’s friendly help, atmosphere and comfortable amenities.

Gavin Wood, (London)

3rd time at the centre and every week has been an educational learning haven. I have enjoyed tiling immensely and the course has been taught and layed out fantastically well. Will be back to learn some more on the plumbing course very soon. Many thanks

Jonathan Greene, (London)

Excellent. Clean & tidy with good facilities. Learnt a huge amount from Shaun – A passionate teacher with plenty of patience – and a top bloke too.

Lzetwicia Oscar-Jackman, (London)

Great week! Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Elaine made it fun and her knowledge knows no bounds. Great group of people to train with too!

Ben Adnams, (London)

Elaine was the perfect teacher. Positive, encouraging, funny, knowledgeable and adaptable. Couldn’t praise her highly enough.

Manish Chohan, (Middlesex)

Brilliant – Really enjoyed the course. Elaine is bright and bubbly – which makes learning fun and interesting.

Mick Riley, (Surrey)

A fantastic training facility and a very informative course. Kevin is a great instructor.

Natalie Freestone, (Kent)

Excellent, well organised. Staff super friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable with lots of examples of real life situations and shared tips! Structure of course was really good and well timed throughout the week.

Mohammud-Reza Jaunoo, (Surrey)

Incredible, good experience, especially with Kevin’s help. Highly skilled made things easy all along. I am pretty confident of handling a tiling project on my own.

Adam Smith, (Surrey)

The centre is clean, tidy and has everything we needed. The tiling course was very informative and covered everything I needed to know. Being a complete novice, I now feel competent and confident and happy to tile a room. Kevin was a great instructor and took time to explain and made sure you were happy with the work carried out. All questions and more answered.

Andrew Redmond, (Kent)

Very straight forward and clear of what needed doing. Course trainer (Kevin) well knowledgeable about tiling, making it easy.

Julie Fox (Berks) – Advanced Tiling

Love the centre, very friendly, knowledgeable staff, nice relaxed atmosphere, good balance of theory and practical. Very hands-on experience. Would not consider anywhere else now. Very happy at The BTC. Kev (instructor) was fantastic.

Taryn Hauritz, (London)

Having recently been to another centre to learn plumbing, I was very impressed with the facilities and knowledge and friendliness of staff. I would definitely come back again.

Anna Williams (London) – Advanced Tiling

Course was great. Learnt lots and built my confidence ready to tackle my bathroom project. Kevin was very helpful and supportive and open to answering all questions.

Stephen Eccleshall (Surrey) – Advanced Tiling

Kevin is a very nice man who is willing to stand and explain all you need to know, step by step, and in a way that you can understand.

Rehema Gray (Hertfordshire)

Very well organised. Staff always at hand to help. Our teacher, Kevin, was excellent! Very supportive and extremely knowledgeable.

Gilmari O’Donnell (Kent)

Highly recommended course. Love it! Good environment. Super lovely people. Brilliant Kevin!

Martin Haynes, (Middlesex)

Professional but friendly. Minimal classroom, maximum hands-on experience.

Lawrence Amponsah, (Surrey)

The instructor (Kevin) is the best tutor I’ve ever met.