Testimonials from students that have attended the Washing Machine Repair & Servicing course

Bernard Donkor (London)
“Great and hands-on course. Offers the opportunity to apply theory.”

Lawrence Mathurin (Luton)
“Found the course helpful and gave extra knowledge of a daily appliance we can often misue. Given time to complete the task if not fully understood.”

Simon Borton (Northwood)
“A very good course, very well presented, very interesting.”

Peter Nemestothy (Kent)
“Very good and well-presented course. Was good fun!”

Ashleigh Fletcher (Surrey)
“Extremely good. Initial ‘walk-in’, super friendly and approachable. Explained everything carefully until understood. Comprehensive, well thought out course.”

Harbinder Bains (Southhall)
“Course was very exciting. Learnt a lot which was the reason for taking the course. Helpful and easy to understand”

Marcell Anderson (London)
“The course was very informative and exceeded my expectations before the first break of the day.”

Darren Jackson (London)
“Very good 2 day course. Centre provided everything required to make the course educational. Practical and fun.”

Aranjit Mecaj (London)
“Everything was great, better than I expected so I’m happy with the course.”

Mobolaji Shonibare (London)
“The course is very interesting. The teacher is very knowledgable, very patient and polite.”

Marcin Swistak (London)
“I am very happy to finish the course. Thanks so much. Best course.”

Ian Holloway (Hertfordshire)
“Very useful, especially stripping down and rebuilding a machine”

George Ngobeh (Catford)
“I am very pleased with the course. The tutor was fantastic, always willing to help. Course was thorough in details. I will plan to return to do another course.”

Kyle Grant (Harrow)
“My overall impression of the BTC is good and to be honest one of the best lecturers I’ve ever had. Gained lots of knowledge on washing machines, which is why I chose here.”