18th Edition FAQs

You can read some of our most asked questions about the 18th Edition below. If you had any further queries then feel free to contact us directly either through our website, email or by phone and our friendly team would be happy to help.

The existing 2382-18 qualification (including Amendment 1) will continue to be available until 28/9/22 as a 2 hour, open book (blue), online multiple choice exam.

The ‘new’ 2382-22 qualification (including Amendment 2) is now available (as of 28/3/22) and also involves a 2 hour, open book (brown), online multiple choice exam.

An agreement between all awarding organisations and the JIB concluded that all those sitting an exam on BS7671 should be able to understand all parts, not just the changes.  However, centres may choose to offer update courses to those with the 2382-18 on the changes only but the examination will be the same.

All questions will be BS7671 neutral, meaning that any exam taken between 28th March 2022 and 28th September 2022 will be in line with both the 18th Edition (blue book) and 18th Edition (brown book) until 28th September 2022.  From 28th September 2022 only the 18th Edition (brown book) is permitted.  This also applies to the Guidance Note 3 book and On-Site Guide book.

The 2377 PAT Testing and 2919 Electric Vehicle Charging will not be changed for the time being.

The IET has updated, or are in the process of updating, the following publications:

BS 7671: 2018 + A2: 2022 – Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition (ISBN: 978-1-83953-218-4 ) – published 28/3/22

On-Site Guide (BS 7671: 2018 + A2: 2022, 8th Edition (ISBN: 978-1-83953-227-6) – published 28/3/22

Electrician’s Guide to the Building Regulations, 6th Edition (ISBN: 978-1-83953-254-2) – due to be published on 25/4/22

Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing, 9th Edition (ISBN: 978-1-83953-236-8) – published on 28/3/22

Student’s Guide to the IET Wiring Regulations, 3rd Edition (ISBN: 978-1-83953-260-3 – due to be published on 16/5/22

BS 7671: 2018+A2: 2022 incorporates changes from the 1st amendment, published in 2020, regarding electric vehicle charging installations to provide greater guidance on embracing changing technology within this sector. Other changes within the 2nd Amendment include protection against thermal effects and fire caused by electrical equipment, protection against voltage disturbances and electromagnetic disturbances, and a new chapter on prosumers’ low-voltage electrical installations covering energy efficiency measures, interface with the smart grid, management of electricity consumption, management of renewable sources of electricity, and energy storage.