Testimonials from students attending 17th & 18th Edition qualification course

Joshua Marks (Croydon) 

Very helpful, thorough, high quality training.

David Lodge (Croydon) 

I’ve been before, the impression then was extremely good and my opinion has not changed. The tutor is very good at explaining, teaching and helping. I would recommend to others to study here.

Mohamad Burtally (Surrey) 

Very well presented and laid out. I appreciate the knowledge the instructor brings to the class and shares with all.

Mohammed Arfan Anwar (London) 

Course was well taught by Richard and answered any questions we had. He made sure we didn’t carry on until everyone understood the topic.

Stephen Dunn (Greater London) 

Clean/tidy and well located for access/travel. Course well run and explained every step of the way.

Brent Newsome (Greater London) 

Great location, easy to get to and everything you need is nearby.

Luke Gore (Hampshire) – 18th Edition Amendment 2 Update course

Very positive and informative – relaxed environment and instructor making you feel welcomed – gained all the info required and had a couple of laughs along the way.

Benjamin Vann Jones (London)

The centre is excellent and easy to get to. The course is very informative & Richard is an excellent instructor making sure you fully understand everything along the way. 10/10

James Lewis (London)

From the limited time I have spent at the centre and what little I have seen, it seems like a very professional set up that had surprised me. My initial impression from the website was that it was a little centre crammed into a small train station. How wrong I was. I would come back for any other courses that I need throughout my career.

Barney Hooper (Surrey)

Well run, by transparent people.

Alboren Xhaferi (Surrey)

Very good teaching. Patient and excellent knowledge and brilliant way of passing on the information. Best tutor to have come across.

Joshua Gull (Kent)

Richard is very knowledgeable in the course content and explains the reasons for answers clearly.

Tony West (Surrey)

As always very good teaching and structure to the course. Richard was excellent at explaining the harder parts of the course. Will be doing more courses and recommending the BTC to others.

Michael Whyte (Kent)

3rd Course I’ve done here and will use again when needed. Highly recommend The BTC.

Mark Stevenson (Surrey)

This is the 5th course done at this centre and have found all to be very informative and in a format easy to understand. Hopefully the knowledge and skills learnt will help me on my way to be coming an electrician. Richard and Mike both very helpful and deliver content in an understandable and logical manner. Elaine is always very helpful, regarding bookings etc.

Gary McGonigal (Surrey)

Very well represented, easy to find, adequate parking, friendly staff. Well set out and tidy.

Michael Warren (Kent)

Impressed – had a rough amount of knowledge of the course and Richard has helped massively with filling in the gaps. Good course, great tutor.

Andrew Turner (London)

Very helpful and satisfactory. Better than I had hoped for. Good pace and style of teaching.

Bradley Wyatt (Essex)

Very happy with everything. Been here many times before and always had a great experience.

Greg Hall (Surrey)

Well organised with good facilities. Tutor also very good and gave everyone plenty of time.

Herve Christian Yomi Djanwa (London) – 18th Edition ‘Update’

The course was explained very well. The tutor gave everyone the chance and opportunity to pass the 18th Edition with a high mark. I can recommend the centre for everyone who wants to do any electrical training.

Mason Gough (Surrey) 

Does what it says on the tin – Perfect. Office staff very helpful, reassuring and gave great advice.

Mark Innis (London) – 18th Edition ‘Update’

Richard is a fantastic tutor. Very happy!

Chris Tookey (Kent) – 18th Edition ‘Update’

Richard has broken 560 pages down into easily navigated text. The book looks scary but following his simple process it becomes very manageable and straight forward.

Geoff Healing (Surrey) – 18th Edition ‘Update’

Good to be back again. Very well run course.

Sean Sheil (Surrey) – 18th Edition ‘Update’

Very impressed with knowledge of the staff overall whether enquiring regarding what course I need or on the course itself.

Kurtis Atkins (Surrey) – 18th Edition ‘Update’

Very helpful and informative. Tells you important changes first, then helps you with book navigation

Christopher Difolco (Kent)

I have been here before and I was happy with everything then too. I am really pleased The Builder Training Centre is here to use as it’s not only convenient for me but the tutors are really good at conveying what we need to know and also they are really friendly and polite. The Centre is a good learning environment and I would definitely come back again.

Lenny Heath (London)

Always satisfied with the course that is provided. Richard is great at explaining things. Well run organisation.

Graham Guy (Kent)

As always, the centre is ideal. The staff are great and the course did what was needed. Thoroughly recommend.

Martin Clarke (Essex)

Very impressed with the organisation, facilities and quality of training. Instructors knowledge is second to none. Fast efficient and very helpful office staff.

Michael Spencer (Kent)

Really informative, clever way of teaching a very dry subject. Elaine (in office) is still wonderful!

Mr Yohan Blake (Buckinghamshire)

Very impressed with the way the course was run.  If I failed it’s all down to me.  Tutor was more than helpful.

Mr Victor Steele (Surrey)

Contact given by City & Guilds


Trevor Foster (Dorset)

(electrical foundation course, Part P course)

Consistently spot on. Would recommend.


Edward Dixon (Surrey)

(Part P course)


Well run course at a well run centre.


Michael Bowerman (Kent)

(Part P course, electrical foundation course)


An excellent concise course which concentrated on what was needed to comply with BS7671:2008


Andy Dunn (Middlesex)

(Part P course, electrical foundation course)


Excellent – again!


Paul Gunner (Kent)


Great environment, informative teachers, so helpful


William Neilson (London)


A good course. Well prepared and presented with good resources to support students. Would recommend to others.


Chris Cotton (Scotland)


Great course. Will be coming again.

 David Osborne (Essex)


The centre is very well presented and easy to find. The staff and tutors are excellent and have good knowledge of their fields.


Victor McKenzie, (Surrey)


Well organised and run. You are made to feel relaxed. Very good.


Ian Mills, (Surrey)

(2392 Inspection & Testing course, Alarm Installation course)


Good experience, enjoyed the course, easy going staff


Colin Young (Norfolk)

(Part P course)


Good, I wouldn’t have come back after Part P if it wasn’t


Lee Mayers (Cornwall)

(tiling course, advanced plastering course, carpentry course, plastering course, Inspection & Testing (2391) course, Inspection & Testing (2392) course, PAT Testing (2377) course, 17th Edition (2382) course, Part P course, electrical foundation course)


Excellent tuition and comfortable atmosphere/environment


Nicholas Buxcey (Berkshire)

(Part P course, electrical foundation course)


As you are aware over the last 3 months, 1 have undertaken and passed all of the three training courses. A special thanks has to go to Richard as an excellent tutor. I am of course very happy in my achievements but this is down to The BTC, the best Training Centre and I am delighted I chose them. I would also like to thank Michael for all the good tips and advise and laughs we had. The staff you have are excellent, very professional and very dedicated to make sure every pupil understands fully every part of the course whether practical or theory. I do look forward to taking more courses with you and have already recommended you to people who want to undertake the courses you cover. My last thanks goes to Elaine who is just a lovely bubbly person.


Matthew Ransome (London)


Really enjoyed the course.Definitely recommend it to anyone.


Saqib Barlas, (London)
(Part P course)

Richard really is a great teacher, it’s what made me come here again. I would say that the 17th Edition practice exam book is a definite book on recommended reading – this should be pushed to students more before they start the course.

Serhat Gokmen, (London)
(Part P course)

As the last time, it’s great, quick and affordable. That’s the reason we keep coming back for more.

Les Lismore, (Surrey)
(bricklaying course, carpentry course, plumbing course, plastering course, electrical foundation course, Part P course, PAT Testing course, I&T (2392) course)

Very impressed.  This is a technical course and it would be so easy for Richard to have lost us all in jargon but it was all very clear and enjoyable.

Thomas C Thomas, (London)
(Part P course)

As good as the Part P!

Phil Bradshaw, (London)
(inspection & testing course)

Fab – as usual

Richard Tanner, (Surrey)

10/10 – A*

Michael Jones, (Surrey)
(inspection & testing course, Part P course)

Excellent course and well presented by Richard as usual.

John McDonnell, (Rotherham)
(electrical course, Part P course)

These three courses have been a pleasure to attend.  Using sample questions as a method of teaching/student practice works well.  Friendly, helpful team with particular huge patience of Richard is commendable.  Thanks.

Laurence Gunzi, (Surrey)
(electrical course, Part P course, PAT Testing course)

Very friendly and helpful crew.  Plenty of information and course content.  Definitely helps to piggy-back the courses in rapid succession – but does do your head in!

Kevin Waland-Hadley, (Hampshire)
(Part P course, Inspection & Testing (2392) course)

Very good.  2nd visit.

Simon Clare, (Hebburn)
(electrical course, inspection & testing course, Part P course, roof tiling course)

I think you’re the best.

James Beckett, (Essex)

Course was excellent.  Centre met all needs.

Kevin Leitao, (London)

Enjoyed course and staff and would recommend the training centre to friends

James Tizzard, (Hampshire)

Very good – staff friendly and very helpful.

Stewart Tunnah, (Surrey)

It was a pleasant and relaxed experience

Christopher Wood, (Kent)
Excellent – Again!!
Kelvin Jones, (Kent)
Excellent. Very Good class, good mix of experience and ages. Well presented. Methodical. Good sample papers / questions. Scheduled well. Also tried other course providers – Never again!
Simon Hayes, (Surrey)
I was not looking forward to this week, but have actually enjoyed the experience.
Marcus Allen, (London)
The course instruction was superb. The attention to detail and the care to ensure the information was understood rather than just tick boxes was very conclusive to the learning process.
Paulius Stasevicius, (London)
Not the first time but always have a good experience. I hope I will come back again.
James Orchard, (Essex)
Great relaxed atmosphere. Really easy place to learn in.
Wayne Hughes-Sparrow, (Hertfordshire)
Excellent facilities. Excellent Staff. Well worth it and value for money.
Scott Ashbrooke, (Surrey)
Very happy with the way the course is teached in size of classroom and the content of teaching the class.
Alin Marza, (Surrey)
Very useful course content. Richard is a great instructor. He explains everything you ask for so you understand it. It’s been a great experience and I would recommend to everyone to use the BTC for courses.
James Thomson, (Surrey)
Excellent course. The content has the potential to be very, very dry. However, Richard does a fantastic job of encouraging you to engage with the text and the processes.
David Diaz, (Dorset)
As with previous courses, very well structured and presented by friendly, helpful lecturers.
Dominic Boyle, (London)
The centre is great and in a good location. All the staff are helpful and friendly. Richard made the course easy to understand and is very patient. I would happily recommend the BTC to a friend or colleague.
Kenny Reid, (Surrey)
Excellent, I’d happily recommend the courses I have already taken and the centre in general to others wishing to gain knowledge, experience and qualifications in the building trade.
James Pope, (Kent)
Friendly, helpful staff. The course was well laid out and the Instructor, Richard, very knowledgeable and helpful.
Daniel Adegbie, (London)
I’ve learnt more in 3 days than I have working in the last 7 months.
Syed Rizvi, (Surrey)
Richard is a fantastic teacher, have comprehensive in depth command of the electrical subject. Very helpful for the course.
Matt Curtis, (Surrey)
Having booked a few courses now I am still very happy the way the course is run and I look forward to the next.
Darryl Hudson, (Kent)
Very good, clean, tidy, well organised and helpful.
Daniel Owen, (Berkshire)
Great Centre, brilliant teachers, learnt loads, 3rd time back.
Graham Garnett, (Dorset)
Having attended previous courses I have always found the centre to be well run and organised.
Steve Homes, (Surrey)
The location is very accessible and clean and staff efficient and helpful. Classroom conclusive to learning. Course content quite intense but works as progress is seen.
Sean Cunningham, (London)
Very enthusiastic and supportive instructor. Explanations as concise or expanded as necessary.
Konstantinos Charalampidis, (London)
Richard was very knowledgeable, always willing to help and an excellent teacher overall. The course was very good as well, covering all aspects of the wiring regulations and highlighting all the important and tricky parts.
Luke Golder, (Essex)
Very professional well organised with course tutor very knowledgeable and accommodating to questions, no matter how big or small.
Ian Grist, (Surrey)
Really Good, not only taught to pass the exam but gives the understanding to use in the real world.
Andy Chute, (Surrey)
Loved it. Brain hurting, but loved it.
Elena Lynch,(Middlesex)
Thank you. Your great fun, good content and due care. Richard is very thorough.
Charlie Gumble, (Surrey)
Very happy with every part of the course. Richard was a fantastic teacher and I’ll be booking my testing course in the New Year.
Martin Halpin, (Bedfordshire)
Good first impressions and were exceeded by the course instructor. Richard explains everything clearly and is knowledgeable.
John Quirke, (London)
Great course and great guidance from Richard on how to understand the topics I found difficult.
Gary Wilsher, (Surrey)
Excellent, couldn’t be better.

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